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Blood of Azathel

Interview with Trognar the Lord and Destroyer (Bass/Vocals)

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: April 1, 2004

For some time now, I had been hearing rumblings about this most "kvlt" of US Black Metal bands. And after I got ahold of a demo-recording of their furious old-school BM assault, I started hunting high and low for more info on the band. It took literally months, but I finally tracked down an email address alleged to be for one of the members. We have engaged in an interesting dialogue over the past few months, and the result is revealed here. This is not like my usual interviews, in that the questions and answers were done one at a time, piecemeal as it were, and with originally no intention of printing it. Thus I was able to glean quite a bit of information about the secretive Blood Of Azathel.

Hi! This is Sargon from I have been searching for information on your band, The Blood Of Azathel.

There is no such band az the Blood Of Azathel. There is only the Truth. Whatever you may have heard is only an ilusion.

Hmmm. I have this demo I got from a guy in Texas. There's no title, but it says "Blood Of Azathel" on the CD. Do you know anything about it?

Blood Of Azathel is a dark ritual of Satan, it was performed only once. There were recrordings, but they were not meant for release. How dod you get that recording?

Maybe I shouldn't say. Is Blood of Azathel the name of the band or the disc? Also, can you tell me song titles? I really like the music, and would love more info about the band.

Blood Of Azathel are not a 'band' as you know the term. We are not a cannival act for the Zionrists to mock, but the True Spirit Of Evil In Mam. We are the ezzence of the Black Arts. If you are willing to attempt to understand this, I may be previled upon to reveal more.

Note: At this point there were several emails in which I took a dark oath to Satan, which I would rather not talk about.

So when was the demo recorded? What are the song titles?

The Black Unholy Ritual was recorded in the dead of winter during a howling blizzard in 1999. There were four Azpects of thr Dark Incantation played by the Four True Hell Warriors. They are Name:

"Unbrideld Infantile Muutilation"
"Frentic Lagomorphc Soddomy"
"Leprus Goatsukking Whore"
"Puritancal Icthyphalic Loathing"

The resulting recording was named "Blackezt Are We". The equipment used to record it was immidiately destroyed and the pieces burned. Unknown to us, a copy of the recording ws saved and later copies were made and some have managed to get around here and there. We have sent the flail-bering minons of Lord Bellial to torture and KILL all those who possezz such stolen recordings.

Can you tell me what the songs mean? There are no lyrics with the CD, and a lot of them seem to be in latin or something on the recording.

They are incantationz of Darkest Evil, each reprezenting one of the Four - the all-powerfle bestial godz who rule over the evil urges of all mnkind. All of this is in acorddance with the prophcies of Nostrudammus and Alastar Crowley. "Unbrideld Infantile Muutiliation" is about destroying the second coming of the so-called Xrist figure. It is about the ritual slaying of infants, how to go and cut up babies - stick forks in their eyes and spears through them - how to make the intro a pile of dead bodies and so destroy the son of the deceiving jew god. That is what the line "Auttersllay eth ittleay abiezzay/utcayy emmthay nttoiay itzbay" is about.

Isn't that pig latin?

Do not be a fool! That is the zpeech of EVIL. It was denigrated by the servants of the White Xrist as a foolish corruption, but it is THEY who are the foolish corruption. The Pope is a Jewish puppet in the great Zionist scheme to turn Jupiter into another sun adn boil us all alive! The speech of the "so-called" Pigz is the True Language of the Lord Satan. Why do the Jewz not eat pork?

I'm sorry. You were saying, about the songs?

Indeed. "Frentic Lagomrphic Soddomy" is about the symbolic destrction of the Ressurrection. The rabbit is a symbol of re-born, and so the Ritual is the symbolic RAPING of that symbol. A rabbit is anointed with blood and then sodomized until it is dead. This is in fact a rape of Xrist. When you are covered in blood and fucking a dead rabbit, you will know the Tr00 Meaning Of Evil!

"Leprus Goat - Sucking Whore" is the third Great Dark Ritual. And it is a step back from the rape of Xrist to raping his mother. It means that a leper woman is frced to orally service a goat. The goat is a symbol of "Our Lord Satan". The lyric are "Suck the Goat/Suck the Goat/Suck the Goat you leprus Whore". And then there is the chant of "Uckksay het Oattgay" rpeated 666 times. It is the most difficult ritual to perform, as lepers are rare thse days.

The last Great Evil Ritual is "The Purtanical Icthyphallic Loathing". And this is about the fear the white Xrist and his followers have of my engerged manhood frost-spike. The chorus is sung in Tocharian B, and it trnslates too "Spread and die/die bitch die/Die for Satan on my giant cock". The complex and intricate nature of the music renders it hypnotic, and the solo contains the "Unholy Triad" - the three chords that summon the "Lord Satan."

I see. You say this isn't a band. Who were the musicians then, and how did the recording session come together?

I am Trognar the Lord and Destroyer! It was I who summoned the others to partake of the Ritual of Darkness on that night. They were:

Mighty Phallus - six-stringed Invokations and Shriekz of Evil
Troll - Smashing and Hammering
Gorgo - Slashing Riffs of Unholy Fucking Evil

How long ago did you want to play this music? Was it always your ambition?

The Blood Of Azathel iz not a band. It haz always been. I am of a line of Black Priests descended from the ancient Mespotamians - they who worked the black rites of Marduck and revealled in Humin Sacrifice. They ruled once where man rulez now/where man rulez now, they will rool again. Over millenea have our Black Rituals been handed down. At calvalry were were there, chanting those same words "Uckfay het Abbitray/Uckfay ot Eathday" as the accurssed "saviour" bleed on our cross. It was we who whispered in Hitler's ear and taught him to worship evil. "Suck the Goat" we taught him. "Suck that fucking goat you whore!" Now our musik is alive in the world again, and the sheep of the xtian flock have much to fear!

Not to ask a stupid question, but how will they fear it if they never hear the music? You said the recording was never to be released. Why record it if not to release it?

Fool! The performance of the Dark Unholy Ritual was not recorded by us, but by an INFIDIL with a recording device. It was an Unholy Proffenation Of The Rites Of The White Xristian God! The Ulltimate Invokation To Evill And Hate! The Dark Powerz Will Rize and Claim the Souls of Ten Thousand Apes, and they will rampage across all of Asa and capture Jerusalem! This will be the coming of the Antichrist! It is all in the works of Nostridomas!

"And there shall be a dark age of monkeys, and all shall bow To the new god of the Earth Nine hundred and ninety times shall they profane the Cross Until the end of the world" Read the PROPHECYS Dude! The Tuth is there, and it is BLAKK!

What do you think of the current state of the Black Metal scene?

There ar none so BLACK as we! The scene is a joke! All these "Black Metal Bands" who play their instriuments like homo prog-fuckers. They will all suck Satan's "Greasy Cock" in "Hell"! They slow down sometimes, I know you have heard what I mean. They play slow and they play melodes! This is not tr00 kvlt blak mettal! Black mettal should be played in a cave or in abasement, away from the sun! you must hide your face so the legions of the white xist do not know you and acnnot retaliate! Black Mettal id loud and fast and consists of SATAN! You play alone by yourself and let SATAN wash over you! SATAN SATAN SATAN! Troo bands do not realease albums! That is not kvlt! If anyone can just go buy your music that is not kvlt! You must be consecrted in EVIL! The only way you should be able to hear Blakk Mettal is by ripping open a dead body while sodomizing a DEAD RABBIT! They you would be wirthy to understand and accept the true ejaculation of EVIL!

Hey, thanks for your time!

Thanx to you too! Don't listen to our music ever again, or we will curse you with boils! And don't visit our website at! Don't go there! SATAN!

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