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Interviews Leviathan

Interview with Wrest

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: April 8, 2004

Hails! How are you Wrest?


For those that are unfamiliar with Leviathan can you give us a quick history of your band?

Umm...I started recording music, in my home, in '98. Leviathan has always been a name I wanted to use for something (demon of the west, admiral of Satan's navy, Behemoth of the deepest deep, etc...) I'd recorded more ambient stuffs, at home. Lack of time and interest in dealing with others made this a one man project. It consumed me and, for a couple of years, that's pretty much how I spent most of my free time. As far as concept, to create the most strange, harsh satanic, depressive musick I could, with the recording gear i had.

Which bands have influenced the music of Leviathan?

Beherit, Weakling, Gorgoroth, Xasthur, Von, Immortal, Ved Buens Ende, Old Ulver, Swans, old Christian Death, Incantation, Thorns, old Katatonia,etc...

Your music is very cavernous and dark in nature, is it soley a reflection of yourself or is it also a tool to evoke certain feelings and emotions in the listener?

Suicide is a mode that has been in my life for quite some time... The depressive nature of this exsistence lends to the musick. Pain, isolation, hatred, despair... Leviathan songs are informed by these realms.

Suicide is a recurring theme in your music, is it a means to an end? What are your thoughts and feelings on the subject?

I'm still here for now. At times, the creation of music seems to be the only thing of worth... Then again, it's always worth it to voice anti-human disgust. If I killed myself, I could'nt answer all the questions I get about the subject.

What do you see in the following ink blots?

Ink Blot 1:

A man looking at himself in the mirror at the mouth of hell. A goat pissing on his own hooves.

Ink Blot 2:

Alien child.

Ink Blot 3:

Manta-ray-gun. Something from Barlow's guide to extraterrestrials.

Do you ever watch movies? If so, what have you seen lately?

"Dawn of the Dead"... Fair I'd say. "Irreversible"... A French film with both the most insane murder scene and rape scene I've ever seen in a movie. Most movies bore the hell out of me... "Hero" with Jet Li was interesting.

What are some good bands you feel coming out of the Black Metal scene today?

Nachtmystium, Xasthur, Draugar, Cult Of Aaath, Debauchery, Death Spell Omega, Furze,Ad Hominem.

What does the following quote mean to you:

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."

This is good... Hope is definitely a disease. Dreams against nature. Against the inevitable.

That covers all my questions, any last comments?

Goodnight and thank you.

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