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Interviews Krieg

Interview with Krieg

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: May 8, 2004

Hails! How are you?

Does anyone care?

For those that are unfamiliar with Krieg can you give us a quick history of the band?

Formed in 1995 under the moniker Imperial, recorded a few demos, changed the name to Krieg due to an influx of HIV infected bands with the name "Imperial." Recorded from 1995 until now around 20 hours of material, some of which is available for the consumerground to hear, some of which stays in my personal archives. Done four European tours between 2001 and 2004, one US tour, and a dozen or so free floating gigs. I'm also currently poisoning the music scene with my Blood Fire Death Records. That should bring us up to date on everything.

Which bands have influenced the music of Krieg?

In different ways Beherit, Archgoat, Darkthrone, Forgotten Woods, Demoncy, Judas Iscariot, Lugubrum, Pest(fin), Satanic Warmaster, Black Crucifixion, Hellhammer, Burzum and Profanatica/Havohej have assisted in forming my music background. Also in the non traditional sense I am extremely influenced by Lou Reed's "Berlin" album, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Danzig/Samhain, early Laibach, Incantation (only with Craig Pillard) Earth(us), and a lot of fucking doom.

War seems to be a pretty dominant theme in your music, what are your thoughts and feelings on the subject?

The one constant, the one truth in life is conflict. Life =strife. It all depends on which level of strength you fall into.

How do you interpret the following quote:

"If God didn't exist, everything would be possible"

I'd say everything is possible.

Your latest album "The Black House" is different from all previous material, what inspired or what was the reason for the different direction on the album and can we expect future releases to be in a similiar vein?

It's based on nightmares that I have experienced since childhood, though each year with each new trauma only grew more and more macabre. This album needed to have everything audible in order to give the listener a piece of what I go through constantly. Therapy through music, better living through chemistry. Next releases will always be different, as the old ones have been.

Is there such a thing as absolute truth?

No....but that would be an absolute truth wouldnt it? Reality is totally based on perception.

What is the current state of Black Metal in your opinion?


What does the following picture communicate to you:

The eternal tomb which waits for all of us if we seek it out properly.

What is your opinion on the following current events:

a) The war in Iraq

I wish my stocks were doing as well as Iraqi militants are doing against our "high technology". Really it only shows that indomitable spirit can move fucking mountains.

b) The recent HIV outbreak in the porn industry

As long as it doesnt infect Anetta Keys I'll be happy. It's just more enjoyable news which helps make a long day filled with laughter and glee at the misfortune of others. Plus looking at who caused the HIV outbreak, I'd have to ask if stereotypes are there for a reason.

c) McDonalds bringing back the McRib

I hope it causes more heart attacks than hospitals can handle.

d) The recent search for Noah's Ark

An interesting historical subject that actually predates Christianity. Read "The Epic of Gilgamesh" in order to figure that out.

What would be your ideal death?

Suicide in front of a crowd of people who swear their alliegence to "suicidal" ways, though I wouldnt be alive to see their therapy bills afterwards.

That covers all my questions, any last comments?

Krieg's final recorded output will be titled "The Harmony Virus" and will be unleashed in 2005. My appreciation for you support

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