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Interviews Watain

Interview with E. Danielsson

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: May 23, 2004

Hails! How are you E.?

Chaos and darkness reigns here as always...

For those that are unfamiliar with Watain can you give us a quick history of the band?

Formed in 1998, released two Eps and two fullengts 'til now, the latest being the monumental masterpiece "Casus Luciferi". A more detailed biography can be found at our web-temple.

Which bands have influenced the music of Watain?

I guess we are musically inspired by everything we listen to, which is mostly true black/death metal, and a lot of thrash/heavy/speed as well… So in a way we're influenced by everything from Iron Maiden to Abhorer. If I have to state only one band, i'd probably say Mayhem 1988 – 1993.

As for non-musical inspiration, we work solely in the shadow of the Temple.

You chose the biblical picture "The Silence in Heaven" by Carolsfeld, Julius Schnorr von for the album cover of "Casus Luciferi". What was the reason for chosing this picture and secondly what is the significance of the inverted pyramid that you added to it?

The mentioned etching was only used as a guideline for the final motive, where every single detail is drawn by mr. Ketola. The Eye, the vigilant pyramidion sending forth its angels of doom to end all, is the eye of Satan. The symbolism of the inverted trinity is theologically very complex, and what we want to share about it can be read in the lyrics of the album. Search ye with heart, and with soul, and the revelations shall be shown unto thee.

I can't make out the picture on the second to last page of the "Casus Luciferi" booklet. What is it and why is it the only picture in color?

The photo depicts the burning carrion of a bird, falling from heaven. It is related to the lyric, of course, the last lines especially. "Behold the black cloud of corpse-like birds! Their wings are on fire! And their song has turned backwards. A morbid cacaphony singing of a new dawn. […] For it is not rain that falls tonight from the black ominous sky, but sulphur tears from the last flock of birds. And the wind carries the smell of death from the agony in their hearts, as the fly in nameless fear towards Luciferion!"

Does Watain strive or aim to achieve something with its music?

Yes, to make it righteous, to make it blend in perfectly in our system of belief. To make people hate and fear Black Metal again.

What does the following picture communicate to you?

The coming of desolation...

What is your opinion on the following:

a) Nihilism: Rather irrelevant for me personally, but certainly more charming than the usual human outlooks on life.

b) Porn: Who cares?

c) Religion: It means a lot to me, obviously.

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

In our case, the art imitates our lifes. Yet we live our lives in the constant shadow of something greater, and that is rather what our art corresponds with. We are but mediums, shells through which the greater speak.

Fill in the blanks with whatever you feel is appropiate:

People are (blank) slaves

George Bush is a (blank) important part of the masterplan.

Smells like (blank) dead dogs

Life is like a (blank) impotent reflection of truth

Watain is (blank) where he kills.

That covers all my questions, is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for the interview. Dark spirits devoted to true Black Metal magic, get Casus Luciferi! For those interested, we have shirts available for sale for 15 euros (Logo + snakeraped christcorpse), and other stuff as well. For info-package with bio etc, send 2 euros to our adress. On your knees, fear the dawn!

Watain / E. Danielsson
Strålgatan 41, 4 tr
S-112 63 Stockholm

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