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Interviews Mindsnare

Interview with Gigi (Bass/Vocals) and Chris (Guitars)

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: June 13, 2004

Interview with Gigi (Bass/Vocals) and Chris (Guitars)

Sargon: How was Mind Snare first formed? Was it hard to find musicians into Death Metal in your area?

GIGI: Mind Snare was born in 1989: we stay away from music business for 10 years, self releasing our demotapes, because too many labels ripped off in the past... In 1999 we self released our 1st cd, "Hegemony", then we found Eric, the owner of Psychic Scream (Malaysia), a guy that showed us all his honesty, so we decided to sign a 2-years deal with him. First of all, he re-released "Hegemony" with 2 live bonus tracks in 2000 and the 2nd cd, "Hateful Attitude" in 2001. The same year an Italian label, Terror From Hell, released our 1st 7" ever, "Broken Promises". Then, in 2002, we signed a deal with Forever Underground, the 1st Italian Death Metal band to do that. In 2003, Bill from Forever Underground, released "The Noble Ancestry", our 3rd cd. In July 2004, Raptures Asylum from Italy, will release our 2nd 7", "Visions". Yeah, was it hard to find real musicians, too many posers was in the band: in 15 years, 13-14 people passed away... I, Gigi (Bass/Vocals) was in Mind Snare since 1993, Chris (Guitars) from 1989 and Sergio(Drums) from 2004: Hopefully we got the right line-up now!!!

Sargon: I honestly didn't know there was much of a Death metal scene in Italy, what other bands do you have there? How is the scene there in Turin?

GIGI: Well, we got an huge scene, but on other side we got a lack of promotion and cool clubs to play. The biggest bands in Italy are Natron, Mind Snare, Nefas, Undertakers, Awful, CxOxSx, Bastard Saints, Vomit The Soul, etc... The scene in Turin sucks!!! There's no other Death Metal bands except us in this fuckin 1 million people city!!!

Sargon: What bands were the biggest influences on you?

GIGI: As a band, Sinister, Vader, Morbid Angel & Deicide. Personally i listen these bands plus more underground stuffs like Brodequin, Devourment, Sanatorium, etc... And old 70's rock'n'roll like Zeppelin, Stooges, Patti Smith, etc...

CHRIS: We came from 80's so we are very deep influenced by bands like Slayer, Morbid Angel but we try everyday to find a trademark for the band. We like to listen all the bands in Death Metal scene, but we got our own style. If some riffs sounds like Deicide, I don't care!!! I've never played a Deicide cd, then i kept their riffs for Mind Snare, it's a bullshit!!! I think that Death Metal scene got so many cool bands, but only a few got his own trademark.

Sargon: Mind Snare has been around a long time, what keeps you motivated to keep at if after almost a decade?

CHRIS: The love for this creature called Mind Snare... The band it's like a son for us. I and Gigi kept the faith in these years, so many people passed away in the band, but we never split up. Now we got a real tough guy on the drums, Sergio. He knows well our history, he's from our city, Torino. In this fuckin' place Death Metal represent nothing to the people, all plays Alternative rock, Hardcore, Punk, Ska, Reggae... We are the only Death Metal band from Torino and we are proud of it!!! Just the passion and the faith can keep the flames alive in our hearts.

Sargon: What does the name Mind Snare mean to you? What does it represent?

CHRIS: A Lifestyle. It represent that we don't give up, after 15 years. We passed through so many shit, we are very proud to be here, after so many times. We are Italians, it's an honour for us to be on the scene, we are one of the oldest band of our country.

Sargon: To be honest, I didn't like the cover art on the CD, were you happy with it?

GIGI: My wife don't like it, ahahahah. Well, we are satisfied about the cover, i like a lot the colours, he remind me "Amongst the catacomb..." from Nile, "Forsaken Mournig..." from Incantation and "99.9" from Suzanne Vega, ahahahah!!! Well, in the next cd we'll try to improve it ok?

Sargon: Will you be recording your next album with Forever Underground?

GIGI: Yeah, of course. We are talking with Bill about it. Some European labels are interested, but we liked the work of Bill, so i think we'll stay with Forever Underground. We'll record the new tracks in August, with the same producer, Fabio Lentola from Aton Studio, so we'll got the master in september. Hopefully new cd will hit the streets in December 2004 or early 2005.

Sargon: What do you want to do in the future? What direction do you want to take your music?

CHRIS: It's so amazing to see that we are the same people of 1989. We are old guys, all over 30, but we are still like young guys, with the passion and the wish to show to all that we are a bunch of scumbag motherfuckers. After the shows, so many people ask to us why we are not on a major label: simply because we believe in the underground and we don't give a fuck to change our style!

GIGI: As you know, we are a conservative death metal band, so our direction will be the same of the past albums. Obviously we'll try to reach an higher level of quality, about songwriting, lyrics and production, but the brutality remains the same.

Sargon: Do you get to do any touring? Do you have many places to play locally?

GIGI: We can't live with the music of the band, we are all working in factories, so we can't do long tours, but when we can stay away from work for few days, we can arrange mini tours of 7-8 gigs. In April 2004, we've done a bunch of gigs in Czech Republic and Slovakia, including the "Flesh Party Festival #7" with Disgorge(Mex), Sanatorium, etc. The people there are fuckin' crazy, never seen maniacs like in Czech and Slovakia!!! They are absolutely the best people in Europe for extreme music!!! Locally we plays a lot of gigs, but Italy is not so cool... People are bored, they got so many gigs, so you can see a lot of time, people watching you playing, with his beer or talking with his girlfriend... There are not so many headbangers into the pit!!!

Sargon: Is there anything else you would like to say?

GIGI: We wanna thanks you for the cool interview, i hope that someday we'll play there, in the United States, it's our dream. Feel free to write us your opinions about Mind Snare, i will reply to all!!! Keep it Brutal & Support your scene!!! Ciaooooooooo!!!


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