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Interviews Angel Dust

Interview with Dirk Assmuth (Drums)

Interview conducted by 4th Horseman

Date online: July 31, 2004

Veteran German metallers Angel Dust have been around for quite a while pumping our brains with their brand of furious progressive-power metal. With 6 full-length releases in their discography, all of which well acclaimed, the band is currently in the studio working on their 7th. They have been silent for a while since earlier this year so I decided to get some words from the band regarding the new album and just everything else in general. I got a hold of the founding member and drummer Dirk Assmuth (Assy) for these words…

4th Horseman: Angel Dust had been making back to back releases since 1998 and after "Of Human Bondage" there has been some time since we have heard from you. Aside from the internal problems with the band last year, what other things have you been up to lately?

Assmuth: Nothing serious at all. We all enjoyed our year off and refreshed creatively.

4th Horseman: Every Angel Dust release sounds quite unique and different from the previous one, and each goes in a new direction. I guess the question concerning most AD fans is this one then...what musical direction is the upcoming album going to be? or you want it to be?

Assmuth: That's true. But we think that's because we never made any plans of how we want a record to sound like. We better do the same this time …

4th Horseman: I know it must be hard for you to answer this, but what would you say is your favourite AD album/song?

Assmuth: Right! Most favourite album: "Enlighten The Darkness". Most favourite song: "Bleed"

4th Horseman: Previously, I understand it was you and Frank Banx who were in charge of most of the song writing. How is the song writing process going right now?

Assmuth: Actually Dirk, Steven and me are writing the songs.

4th Horseman: Why don't you guys start writing lyrics about dragons, happiness and 'warriors of metal'? ;)

Assmuth: Good idea! We'll definitely start thinking about that! :)

(E.d. Heh! Then don't forget to mention my name in the credits if you do! ;)

4th Horseman: What other types of music do you listen to? (Non-Metal)

Assmuth: To every kind of good music (except Hip Hop!!!!!!!!!!) Is Hip Hop Music? I don't think so.

4th Horseman: What was the funniest (or worst) thing that has happened to you during a live show?

Assmuth: Worst show ever: 1989, Zeche Bochum, on tour with Running Wild. Half of the show passed then the whole drum kit started to fall into pieces. First the Hi Hat stand tipped, then the Snare Skin was torn into pieces and at least the Ride stand fell on the floor tom. But the real bad thing was, that there was no helping hand in sight. The responsible drum technician was totally filled up and was lying behind the backline.

4th Horseman: Suppose one day, after one of your shows, I (the worst drummer in the world) come up on the stage and start playing your drum set! What exactly would you do? :-)

Assmuth: Enjoying to hear someone playing even more badly than me :)

4th Horseman: Angel Dust have been around for about 20 years now. What keeps you motivated to write  music?

Assmuth: We don't earn money with music and we're too old and too ugly for the girls. So what should keep us motivate to write music and play shows? Ha, ha. It's just fun! Nothing else.

4th Horseman: Metal is a genre that is often associated with themes such as violence, hatred, anti-God sentiment, and drug abuse. And many bands portray it purely for image purposes. Where do you personally stand on the following issues?

(a) Violence/Suicide


(b) Religion (God)

If you want but be careful

(c) Drug Use

If you want but be careful

4th Horseman: Have you ever made any music videos for any of your songs?

Assmuth: Yes we did ("Wings Of An Angel", "To Dust You Will Decay", "Nightmare"). The first two were made back in the 80's and produced for different TV stations. "Nightmare" was produced with the same intention. But for financial reasons the video was never finished…

4th Horseman: Are you still with Century Media for the upcoming release?

Assmuth: Yes

4th Horseman: Aside from Germany of course, if there was one country in the world you could live in, what would it be? How much do you love Canada? ;)

Assmuth: One country to live in would be Croatia. Unfortunately I have never been in Canada.

4th Horseman: Angel Dust style of power metal neither is representative of the German school, nor the American one. Where do you get most of your musical inspirations from?

Assmuth: We just let it flow without any special musical inspiration. No idea where the ideas come from :)

4th Horseman: And...when do you suppose the new release will come out?

Assmuth: We consider the beginning of next year a realistic release date for the next record.

4th Horseman: Finally.....What is the best way to tell someone to "Shut the fuck up and leave me alone" without using profanity (bad language)?

Assmuth: No idea. I think, musicians always use this kind of speech :)

4th Horseman: Ok then. I will shut up now. Thank you very much for your time and we wish you all the best in the future and the upcoming release.

Assmuth: Thank you!

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