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Interviews 1349

Interview with Archaon (Guitar)

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: August 15, 2004

Greetings, how are things Archaon?

Absurd as normally, but apart from that.. we're ok.

For those that are unfamiliar with 1349 will you provide us with a quick history of the band?

1349 was formed in 1997 by Ravn & Tjalve after they had both split up from their previous activities, and Seidemann joined them shortly after. They recorded a demo called Chaos Preferred (1999), and later the same year I joined them. We rehearsed for about half a year before we had enough songs for a demorecording, and we asked Frost to do it, which he accepted. Later the same year we had written stuff for our full-lenght debut and Frost joined as a full-time member. Now- years later, we have released a couple of albums (Liberation, 2003 & Beyond The Apocalypse, 2004) and played some gigs, and have become quite a solid unit, I would say.

Which bands have influenced 1349's music?

This will obviously differ a bit depending on who you ask, as we are 5 people in the band, but amongst those we all share: Slayer, Kreator, Bathory, Darkthrone + several other bands, mostly from the early Black/Trash/Death-scene.

1349 chooses to play "old school" Black Metal. Why this decision versus what many Black Metal bands are doing today?

Because of the simple fact that Ravn wanted the music to be that way, and he was the one that founded the band. We are all into this kind of art, and so we all want to go this direction to keep it... I do get a special feeling from listening to the early 90's Black Metal-bands, and this kind of passion is what this whole band is based upon. Call it what you will: True, Old-school etc.

How did Frost end up as a drummer for 1349?

He basically liked the music that we made, and wanted to participate in making/playing it. On the other hand, we were in need of a competent drummer, and got more than we could wish for, haha. But it all actually starts with the fact that 1349 share rehearsal-place with Satyricon.

Do you think the church burnings that took place in Norway in the early 90's were an effective means of destroying Christianity? If not, what means do you think would be effective for removing such a wide spread phenomena from the earth?

I do not want to cause any misinterpretions by giving you a reply to this on behalf of the band. However; personally, I think that the weakness lies in the human mind and lack of belief in oneself... It will be very hard to extinct many religious directions (especially the most fanatic ones) as long as a majority of people sees themselves as bricks in a gigantic puzzle, that they cannot reach a total understanding of. This seems to easily leave them to give up, with many options/ways left unsought.

What is your opinion on the following albums:

Bathory - The Return

I like most of the stuff I've heard of Bathory, but personally I prefer "Blood Fire Death" of all their albums. There are bigger fans than myself of this band in 1349, though.

Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger

A classic- This is what I see as an ultimate Black Metal-recording to grant an understanding of the genre. Obligatory.

Burzum - Det Som En Gang Var

Another Black Metal- album that sends shivers down my spine- regardless of technical abilities, this is not for the faint-hearted (nor the faint-souled) ones. A lot can be said about the man behind Burzum, but his works will always stand as milestones in Black Metal. In addition to this album, I would also HIGHLY recommend "Filosofem".

Graveland - Carpathian Wolves

I am not familiar with this band.

What are some of the major problems plaguing our world today in your opinion?

1349 is not a politically- nor a religious band, therefore I will not answer this question.

What are your views concerning drug use, beneficial or not?

Our personal aspects on such issues such as this should not be linked to/interfere with our music- Same as above.

Is there any period in time that you admire or find interesting?

Yes, there is many. There is something to experience in all era's of time.

What are some other things that grab your interest besides music?

As the most of the time is occupied with music, there's not that much time left. But some things that I enjoy is: Writing, art in general, and history. I have also been out on a trip to the forest this summer, which was fantastic, although very wet. And the subconscious- what we commonly know as... "The unknown".

Where does 1349 draw their ideas from or what inspires them?

Visions of different kinds, agression has a part in our music (naturally)- as well as other kinds of feelings/atmospheres.

What is your opinion of American Black Metal?

I am not familiar with american Black Metal-bands... I've got the impression that they're more into Death Metal over there. And they have generated some fantastic bands of that genre.

When can fans expect your next album?

As we've just released our second full-lenght album "Beyond The Apocalypse" (19'th of april, 2004), we will first be active on the live-front now, before we concentrate on the next album. But sometime in 2005, I'd assume we will enter the studio to record the it.

That covers all my questions, feel free to add anything you want.

Thanx for the interview. For those interessed in seeing us live (which I do think is worth the time), we will be on tour through Europe this autumn- watch out...

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