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Interviews Gorgoroth

Interview with Infernus (Vocals, Guitars)

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: April 2, 2005

Q: Which bands have influenced Gorgoroth's music?

It used to be bands such as Bathory and Celtic Frost in the beginning. Who's musically influencing us now, it is more difficult to say... I do not think much in terms of metal reference points when writing these days, it all goes automatically, as if commanded by imperative voices. Neither do I believe we strictly speaking do need those moments of explicit knowledge upon who's influencing me or us musically when in the process of writing, but it is of course good afterwards to be able to break it down, to analyze it in terms that it is possible to verbally communicate this with the other people involved in the performance. I am not so good at that part. Makes it hence difficult for me to elaborate further on this issue.

Q: It seems that you are no longer signed to Nuclear Blast, why is this?

What a correct observation! Let's just confirm that Blast and Gorgoroth has parted their ways. And that it was in both parts interest. Everyone is pleased, and there is no whining.

Q: I understand that you have a liking for reading, what would be your top five favorite books or authors?

Uhm, my top five favourites... that's hard to say. Nietzsche might perhaps go for being my all-time favourite, one I always come back to. The last writings before the illness came out of control must be some of the most hilarious, witty, insightful and mercilessly cruel and heartless pieces of psychological observations on the human condition I have come across so far. Definitely, his Twillight, Antichrist or Ecce Homo would have to be amongst those five. Here his main concepts of the superman, all things eternal return and the will to power seems out crystallized in away that only a blind, an idiot or an animal wouldn't understand.

And the way he curses the worst disease called Christianity! Such an intolerance and a contempt for weakness! What a noble character. Hail Nietzsche = Hail Satan!

Q: There are several references to the German philosopher Nietzsche throughout Gorgoroth's albums. Has Nietzsche served as an inspirational source for the band or helped Gorgoroth develop its ideology?

Yes, as you might get from my last answer, the man that both wrote and was The Antichrist has been of great importance for both me as a person maturing my thoughts and outlooks on the world, giving me a set of concepts and points of reference making me able to communicate with people with the same values and interests.

Hence making way for growth accordingly. Surely, I should be able to say that Nietzsche in many ways has enriched my world.

Anyhow, to try sum it up, if it mostly should be on an aesthetic level, he surely has come up with a splendid vocabulary to use when thinking in terms of topics like above mentioned.

I also find his thoughts upon those main issues more or less to be fitting into our more general universe made up of religious symbolism and theological speculations on the cosmic battle we see ourself to be part of.

Q: What was your reaction to Quorthon recently passing away?

He had, as stated in the initial answer, a high degree of influence upon me in a very formative period, from when I was 14 and during the next years. Without doubt, when breaking down what I write and analyzing it, you should be able to find traces of him everywhere. That does of course not mean Quorthon in 2004 had much to say for me in my everyday life. I never met him, and I did not like all the newer things that he has made. So, probably bad for him and his family and friends, but I guess he was not destined to make more blood fire death kind of music anymore anyway (what is strictly to say what is just expected), so for me it was not a big deal anyway.

Q: Last time I heard Gaahl was sentenced to one year in prison, has this affected Gorgoroth in any way?

No, it has not. He was condemned to one and a half year, but has appealed it, now awaiting the new case to come up. In other words, he is not imprisoned yet, no.

Q: Could you go into some depth about the recent Krakow show? Did they arrest you? Do they ever plan on returning the tapes to you?

They did not arrest us, no. We had some hassle with the police at the airport, but I do not think they had any knowledge on what was going on media-wise, for after all, this was just very much a media thing as I see it. Concerning the tapes: last thing I heard, and that was from mainman Thomas at Metal Mind Productions, was that they still haven't returned the tapes, and that we better prepare to be taken downtown by Norwegian police answering some questions. I guess thats just gossip as well, as I believe both we and the Norwegian police have better things to do than chit-chatting on what we might have done to insult some Polish labourer's religious feelings while drinking coffee and mocking them for their lack of attitude, weakness and incompetence. Remember that evolution does not make its changes in Socialistic ways, you might use as a key to understanding or to their defence? Hah, I step and spit upon such people!

Q: What do you do when not listening to or playing music?

That would be a whole lot of different things. I keep myself occupied day and night enjoying my own and others company, but basically then with activities I would keep away from the public. I see no reason why I should feed the readers with info on whether I am visiting my grandmother often enough, to which degree I am walking my dog, if and where I desecrate graves and write silly poetry etc.

Q: Could you comment on the following albums and explain what each of them is about lyrically? Pentagram, Antichrist, Under the Sign of Hell, Destroyer, Incipit Satan, and Twilight of the Idols.

No. Commenting on each and all of them would take too much energy and time. Basically, each album represents to a great extent what we at their respective dates of release held for being good metal music. Lyrically it has always dealt with Satanism. Satanism as a life code. Satanism as in through a way of perceiving the world. Satanism and how good that is as an option for the kids securing a stronger and more responsible upbringing.

You can regard it as us being on a mission. Of God. Just not literally present in Africa in the 19th century. But in 2005, worldwide, working upon the masses through the media we know best; metal music.

Q: What are the major differences in Black Metal today compared to Black Metal ten years ago?

That is difficult to answer briefly, as there is probably a manyfold of opinions upon what a proper definition of BM both was and now is. I personally care to the degree the music is of secondary importance, and by that I don't say that one should allow it to be of a low quality, but it should - whats the English word for it - be subordinated some specific ethical goals and standards present both in the writer/musician and the receptor. Black Metal is Satan's music! It is just another way reaching out for the kids. As we all know, he and others work through visual medias as painterly art, television and magazines. He works through popular music, jazz music and metal music. And as nothing but his humble slaves and servants: there is about where we come into the picture. Gorgoroth is nothing but a tool of manipulation built for spreading satanic propaganda. Mass scale. And without mercy.

Q: How were you introduced to Black Metal? Why did you want to play this genre of music?

It was back in 1986/87, when I was listening to more straightforward classical heavy metal, a couple of friends of mine introduced me to a kind of music that for me had some qualitatively different nerve than what I knew music until then could contain. Couple of bands I have to mention is Sodom, with their indisputably killer album "Obsessed by Cruelty" and Bathory with "The Return". Those were the days, hehehe. That, I can promise, made great impact on an insecure 14 year old disciple of Satan. Hail! Thinking of it triggers emotions so infernal and tremendous it nearly blocks what I have of an ability to express myself through proper English language. Through human language as well. Perhaps oinks and grrr's should do for now. In any case it is time to end it off now as I have other work to do.

Q: Any last words?

That would with no doubt be FEAR US for Satan! FEAR US and what forces of darkness we are presenting to the world. This should by far not be the last thing you have heard from us. Thanks for showing interest. Hail Satan!

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