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Interviews Dark Moor

Interview with Enrik Garcia

Interview conducted by Bruce Dragonchaser

Date online: May 2, 2007

Practically infamous for releasing quality fantasy metal albums back in the early 2000s, Spanish power metallers Dark Moor have had their fair share of set backs; the separation that resulted in half of the band nicking off to sunnier climates with progsters Dreamaker caused a halt for the symphonic metal heroes, a halt that included replacing the idiosyncratic vocal abilities of Elisa C Martin. The band erupted from the ashes however, and now with their third album in the second chapter of their career - the incredibly mature "Tarot"- Dark Moor are ready to affirm their place within the metal market as the best band of their genre. Founder and guitarist Enrik Garcia discussed the variables of lyrical significance and the triviality of comparison with Bruce Turnbull one cold, stormy evening on haunted marshes of the dark moor…

1) Hey guys, thanks for taking the time out to answer a few questions for the Metal Crypt. First things first, what made you decide to sign with Italian label Scarlet?

We had offers from all over Europe; we decided to sign with Scarlet because they showed a lot of interest and respect for our old work. This was very important for us.

2) Your 6th full-length studio album "Tarot" has just been released through your new label. Have you seen good sales figures so far?

The sales are going very well, really, as much in Europe as in Asia. We are very happy with Scarlet and Avalon Marquee our two principal labels now. We think that the promotion has been good.

3) Lyrically the album is based on a running concept concerning the mystical arts of Tarot and their significance to human behaviour. It is a huge step up from the dragons, elves and dwarves of the earlier releases. Why did you decide to write an album about these issues?

First I like to clarify that Dark Moor lyrics not are based in Fantasy Literature, except two or three songs out of our career. Dark Moor's lyrics are normally based in classical literature, historical or horror literature. For this album we wanted a conceptual work, but not only one story. So we thought that Tarot would be ideal for this one. Each song is unique, integral to the general concept of the album. The Tarot offered us a lot of creative possibilities so we could write about the mystical and spiritual symbolism of the card, about its story in the humanity with references to Aleister Crowley or the Golden Dawn and life itself, so the tarot is a reflection of real life.

4) "Tarot" is without a doubt your strongest effort since Alfred took over on vocals. Do the band feel they work better now than when Elisa fronted the band?

Yes, Alfred's work is the best at the moment for Dark Moor. That is caused by the experience acquired during the recordings of the previous albums. It is very important that everyone in the band always try to excel ourselves work after work, album after album. I'd rather not make comparisons between Elisa and Alfred; I think that's lack of respect to our current singer. Personally I think Alfred has the best voice I've ever heard, and this gives the band lots of composition possibilities.

5) The music on the new album is a hell of a lot more orchestral than before -more authentic sounding. Were any real orchestras used for completion of the album?

Yes, all the orchestral arrangements are made with real samplers sounds, taken from real orchestras.

6) You took your name from the world of fantasy novelist Raymond E Feist, who happens to be my favourite author. Do you keep yourselves up to date with the goings on of Midkemia?

That's not exactly right, sorry. We took the name from "The Hound of the Baskervilles", by Arthur Conan Doyle.

7) Ah! I was mistaken – so are many it seems! Anyway… Your tour in support of the album is primarily in Spain; are there any shows planned elsewhere?

Yes, we are working on the Spanish tour right now. We hope that in summer we can play in some festivals in Europe and after that we are planning to make a European tour. It is possible that we can play in the UK, but it is not confirmed yet. We are also studying the possibility of travelling to South America because we have had some offers.

8) What songs will you be playing live? Will there be any tracks from older releases "Hall of the Olden Dreams" or "Gates of Oblivion"?

Our shows are based on our last album "Tarot". We do play almost the whole record, but we also play some "hits" from our previous albums like "From Hell", "Before the Duel" and others. From the first albums we always play two or three songs, normally "Maid of Orleans", "Nevermore" or "In the Heart of Stone".

9) Where do you see Dark Moor going? Is there any direction you'd like to go down?

We go where destiny wants to carry us. We are only worried about making good albums and we don't worry for other things ;)

10) Finally, have you any message you'd like to give to the readers of Metal Crypt?

I like to say thanks for all the support that we received. Thanks you very much!!!!
Stay Metal!!!

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