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Interviews Evil Incarnate

Interview with Evil Mike

Interview conducted by Wilhelm

Date online: June 23, 2001

I have known Mike for just half a year now but the guy never ceases to amuse me. He's totally sick, twisted and off the wall; someone I can totally relate to! I talked with Mike for a while about some of his experiences in the scene, his former bands and what he thinks of Christians. I got back a lot of interesting responses that are sure to offend the weak of heart. Note the terrible grammar, but that can be excused... MIKE IS AN UNCIVILIZED SOLDIER OF HELL!

Hails Evil Mike! What would you be doing at the moment?

Why I just finished jacking off and smoked some weed so I could focus and get my mind set going brother Wilhelm!

OK, Mike let's hear about your band. Don't bore us or I'll kill you.

The EVIL INCARNATE cult where born out of the ashes of hell to bring chaos and wide spread destruction across the world's Christian lands! We have suffered through multiple setbacks as a band but still drive onward ever closer to Satanic victory! EI will not be for all! Only those chosen by Satan who we live through unholy union with. One mission, and one mission only. To lead people closer to Hell through our Christ hating blasphemies! Listen to the voice in your head for it may be Satan himself! Do as it commands breaterens and unite!

How have the reactions been to "Blackest Hymns of God's disgrace"? What do you think about that release now?

It was a very good debut CD for us, but the follow up CD on Morbid "Waiting for his return" is going to make an impact on the scene unlike we haven't heard in years! All new ideas and much better things to come Wilhelm. Of course it will have some type of feel similar to "B.H.O.G.D." Because there are a few signature riffs you become known for, you absolutely cannot part with! But in all honesty the recording budget is very good this time so that is going to be better for sure. The music will be heavier on the heavy & faster on the fast with plenty of down tuned CELTIC FROST grooves. The vocals will be louder and more double up parts with our catchy chorus parts as always. More aggression Wilhelm!

What kind of demon possessed spirit lurks within you?

As I have always stood for. The global obliteration of Christianity, or any white light religion. Hate for Christ, his father and the holy spirit! Complete dedication to preaching the blackest hymns of God's disgrace!

You told me awhile back about your lengthy imprisonment. Did they finally capture you after the mass church burning phenomenon swept the America's or was it for less severe charges?

LOL!!! Damn I wish I could have shaken that guys hand who burned that church here! LOL!!! It was 6 -15 years for a class 1 felony. I served only 3 years probation in and out of jail for fucking it up. In the end I ran four years until I got caught the last time (several near captures). Since my case was so old & I didn't have any charges pending I only got 6 months in jail. Phew!

Do you like Horror, Mikey?

Evil FUCKING Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Return of the living dead are just a few of my faves. Oh, and of course Bad Taste! (Bad Taste fucking rules!-Wil)

You told me you used to play in the old US death band NUMSKULL. What kind of time did you have while playing for them and why did you leave?

NUM SKULL was one of my fave late 80's deathrash bands with their classic LP "Ritually Abused" (1989 Megaforce records). So naturally around early '94 when asked to jam I was ecstatic for sure! To me it was like joining SLAYER almost! We entered Di Juric Studios racing to record "When suffering comes" (1996 Defiled Rec.) Where I learned the ropes on recording my very first full length CD for a rec. Label there were way to many great times with NS to name Wilhelm. I just couldn't do both anymore. It was to much work. I had no life outside of music. Not a bad thing, but music is not the only thing I enjoy! Besides that know that EI is touring so I won't be able to do another band right now. There is to much work that must still be done, but I hope later on to do a side band for sure!

You seem to hold quite a bit of dislike for Christianity! Haha, obviously that is present in your explosive and incoherent nature. What sort of feelings do you have towards this religion? Where you ever exposed to it?

Yes, I was exposed to the religion as a child ever since I can remember. I recall waking up one day around 8 or 9 years old and just staring all around me at all the praying hands and fish / loaves of bread, angel and Christ ceramics and paintings. All the Christian books like the old "are you going to heaven" type pamphlets and bibles when all of the sudden a closet door opens by itself very slowly and eerie like & just suddenly the door violently slams closed! WHAM!!! The feeling that fills the room is one I couldn't begin to explain! And the bitter cold, the awful smell that's enough to make you sick! I am plagued by the sort of things fairly frequently Wilhelm. Nothing really scares me after experiencing these things and much worse! As a child I would actually get so sick in church that I would just curl up and try to go to sleep before I vomited. And if I dare not want to go I was beaten badly in the head with of all things a fuckin' bible. God damn you, WHAM!!!! This can be very confusing for a young child, but once I found heavy metal in the mid 80's and Satanist's like myself. It was a matter of time till I reached this point and beyond. Sorry, Wilhelm, but I could write a book. There are so many things I can tell you. And I don't care what anyone tells you, there is such a thing as Jesus and Satan. There are just a lot of hypocrites for Christians.

Let's talk about your compilation tracks for Dwell shall we? You have done 5 so far correct? What do you think about these bands that's you've covered?

So far we have done SLAYER, BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, TWISTED SISTER & DESTRUCTION. The last 2 are still unreleased and VENOM & BLACK SABBATH were done vocally by Scott Creakmore of BROKEN HOPE / NUM SKULL. We are currently about to record a SLAYER tribute track for a USA rec. Label called WW 3 music.

Your opinions on the underground past and present? Are there still a lot of active bands you still enjoy?

I wasn't aware of the underground till around '94 or '95 when I first joined NS. But I'll say it is way stronger now than it was then for damn sure. And turnouts at shows has gotten better. But still not like the 80's when all gigs were always packed! My fave demo bands that have made a big impression on a lot of us signed to good labels. Bands like VOMITORY, DEEDS OF THE FLESH, FLESHGRIND, AVENGER & USURPER.

Evil Incarnate has held shows with various bands including Nile, Vital Remains, Dark Funeral etc.. What were some of your most insane moments with these bands and other things at your shows? What kind of work do you put into these gigs??

Well, you have to put some effect into your performance but for me if it's a packed house and there going nuts it's almost like becoming possessed. If I had to describe the mood.

Explain your devotion to the dark lord. What has led you into a life of Evil, the black arts and mass orgies with beautiful women?

I feel that I was the chosen to speak Satan's blackest hymns of God's disgrace. I mean my childhood and teen years where a very hard time for me but music and Satan coming to me in my dreams. Tormented by demons if I allowed myself to be dragged into church or prayed for. These things kept me going. I knew immediately upon hearing BLACK SABBATH & TWISTED SISTER at 10 years this was my mission in life. A unholy union with Hell and all it's wrath to spread the word's of Satan. He is my master. Look at all these fucking queers around this shit town. Why me? Why not one of them? The town is Zion and the streets are all biblical also. Like Elisha & Gallalee. I grew up here and it's very holy here.

I know that a person of your rich sense of insanity and humor has a few interesting stories to tell about his life. Well, give me one then.

OK, I'm in Chicago a couple of years ago and my brother in law and I are drinking Budweiser (King of beers). His mom's apartment is behind a 5:00 AM bar on Fri. & Sat. Night so it's a wild / Ruff bar sometimes. Well, his Aunt is leaving and goes to get in her car in the bar parking lot when a car of gangbangers started blowing her kisses & shouting profanities. He did what any man would do and ran up to the car and grabbed the one guy and beat his ass! They drove off yelling "we'll be back white fuckers!" Blah, blah, blah... Well, we went back to drinking and then several hours later when we are drunk up the drive way was a gang of these Mexican guys yelling "White mother fuckers!" Breaking lawn furniture & swinging hammers and pipes or whatever. Immediately, I dove into the apt. To grab the hammer I saw earlier then dove back outside where my brother in law was starting to loose against these two dudes. I swung my hammer and behind me was my wife and mother in law with a knife and a big walking stick. At this point they didn't expect us to pose such a challenge. So becoming startled they backed down the drive way. It's us chasing them now until the other car load starts to circle in the parking lot and street. Now they wanna fight again!!!! I thought fuck that I'm keeping our side on the advantage of aggressiveness. So I plunged my hammer into one of their chest's caving a hole and as he fell, slam, slam, slam (Left, right, left as he fell to his face). Then as I'm kicking him in the face, Steve (Brother in law) grabs the walking stick & slams one right in the mouth as I knock one aside trying to sneak up on me move. My wife and mother in law have two in the bushes like scared little girls. Just before the other car comes to help the cops are coming (you can hear them) and the bar's bouncer chases them through the parking lot yelling HEY!!!!! (Must be listening to a lot of CELTIC FROST-Wil) The gangbangers drag the hammer smashed guy into the other (parked) car & they tear away just as the bouncer almost caught them. We never heard from them again or the police. Guess they got away? Maybe he's dead?

Let's talk about some bands you like or those who have inspired you to create such music. And for what reasons?

Wilhelm, Bottom line is if it's metal you can bet I like it and listen to it! For influences I mainly look to 80's death / black / thrash but some 90's as well. I like AVENGER, INTERNAL BLEEDING, BELPHAGOR, SORHIN, DESASTER, SKINLESS, FLESHCRAWL, PURGATORY, ABHORENCE (Brazil), Always old SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, CELTIC FROST, TWISTED SISTER, ENTOMBED etc..

Well, Mike It was certainly refreshing talking to another sick fuck like yourself. Last blasphemies are yours my fiend. HATE!!!!!!!!!

Look for us to tour with VITAL REMAINS and ABHORENCE (Brazil) this winter. Our CD "Blackest hymns of God's disgrace" licensed to Europe on Morbid Records and our next CD "Waiting for his return" 2002 on Morbid. Also soon the WW 3 tribute to SLAYER. Because SLAYER are truly gods!!


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