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Interview with Apriori

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: December 9, 2008

Hails! I see Apriori originally started by playing heavy/thrash metal covers, then was "resurrected" with a more Death Metal sound. What made you guys decide to go into that musical direction?

Hi, First of all thank you very much for the interview.

Five years ago, in 2003 me and my brother gathered with some of our friends and decided to start our basic musical career with studio rehearsals by playing our favourite bands' cover songs. It would be a great experience and beginning for us.

After that, we founded Apriori in 2004 and agreed on open a new page in our musical career. The question why Death Metal, it's the only way to reflect our emotions, rage, dark and fearful sides in our lyrics and riffs.

How is metal perceived in Turkey? I know it's essentially forbidden in countries such as Iran, but Turkey is known to be one of the more "open" Muslim countries. Are metal local bands allowed to perform? Any metal shows go over there?

We've really surprised at your question about performing permissions. I think you haven't been in Turkey (No That's why I asked! ;) - Ed.) Turkey has a legacy of its great ancestors as a secular country. People are very open, friendly and completely connected to their own traditions and family. You can find a lot of local bands doing concerts in fests or pubs. You can also see famous bands like Metallica, Slayer, Amon Amarth, Marduk, Destruction, etc... So it is similar to the other countries all over the world.

With a couple of demos done already, are you guys working on a full-length album? Have you worked any new songs since your last demo?

We hope we could if some label supports us and open the doors for us. And yes, you know we're brothers living in the same house. There's good harmony between us. We record a lot of riffs, synths and vocals for our next stuff. We try to listen to different bands and try to keep up with the new recording technologies.

We're working on more brutal and aggressive songs for the new album. We're just trying to reflect our senses.

Have you sent your demos to labels to see if there's any interest in signing Apriori? The demo I heard was very good...

We really get wonderful feedback from the audience. It makes us so happy and encourages to write new material. We couldn't have sent any releases to the companies without information mailings. We believe that the Internet is best way to reach out potential people.

Apriori is currently a project of you two, twin brothers. Are you considering turning this into a full-blown band with more members, and possibly start playing live shows?

Of course we are... In the short term, we're trying to make Apriori known by the most people all over the world. And surely we will need at least two members to complete the brotherhood. Live shows are our greatest dream. We will be there on the stage...

What kind of feedback have you been getting about your music? I haven't seen many reviews yet.

Unfortunately, the metal press is not working well :) I think it's a question of timing.

Have you considered a CD-R version with a promo sheet? I know a lot of magazines and webzines that do not review mp3 submissions, so that closes a few doors right there...

Actually our idea was to wait for Paypal donations or other incomes so it could serve the band's major needs. But the result is not considerable aspect of us. So you know it all has to do with money. (CD-R versions, shipping....etc)

Do you both write songs for the band? Do you have any "favorite" subject for your lyrics, or is that more or less random?

Usually we go to our corners and draw something between the sharp line of death and life. We turn our thoughts, memories and reviews about the life to the lyrics with a great synthesis. For example in Obsessive Reactions Hakan wrote: "Apathetic Senses", "Chaotic Demands" and I wrote "Emptiness" and "Brotherhoods of Sin". We wrote the "Life Betrays" together.

Have you played with any other bands before Apriori?

As I get the headphones and close my eyes I can play with a lot bands :)

I'm not very familiar with the Turkish metal scene. Are there any bands that you like and recommend?

Unless we don't talk about the economic problems. People are trying to get close to the metal music industry. There are a lot of bands, famous or underground in Turkey . Maybe you have heard about some of our famous bands, for example: Pentagram(Mezarkabul) (heavy metal), Cenotaph (death metal).

Actually what Metallica is to the world, Pentagram(Mezarkabul) is to Turkey too. They are very popular in Turkish metal magazines.

If we talk about the bands we listen to... I'm gonna be honest we're not a regular follower of any band in Turkey. Sometimes we listen to good records from the local bands but that's all.

Thanks for your time! Anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

Horns up! Our metal brothers...

Support us and keep in Metal faith!

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