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Interviews My Shadow

Interview with My Shadow

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: December 12, 2008

I thought My Shadow was a band that had been created in the past year, but reading on your brand spankin' new web site, I found out that you have been around since 2002(!)  Only one EP released since then however, so could you tell us a little bit about the band's history?  Were you guys active all that time, or have there been ups and downs?

Richie (Vocals): Yep we've been around.  We opened for Therion when they came here 2 or 3 years ago.   The band started with covers and then decided to be serious and have originals.   But we went through lots of members over the years and it's hard to start over again each time.  This is why we only have one demo.

Pat (Drums): ...if I remember correctly, the gig with Therion was the 3rd show that we ever played. Christina Abraham was our bass player at the time and she was putting My shadow on good shows.... she still does! :-) But I did take a leave without pay (laughs) in 2007 for a short period of time and came back in April, 2008.

Larry (Guitar, keyboards): Yeah, we had a few line up changes and lost a lot of time rebuilding the band each time...although I must say that this line up seems to be the strongest.

I'll be honest and say that I freaked out a little when I looked at the band members' profiles and saw some of the influences and favorite bands.  Lots of bands in there typically hated by metalheads (and certainly by me - hehe), yet I don't hear too much of their sound in your music (at least the EP's songs on Myspace.)  Either you guys really do your own thing, or those songs were written a while back and these influences haven't crept in?  What's your approach at songwriting?

Richie: Influences don't mean you going to sound like them.  They just help you create and gives you the goals you need to achieve perfection in your own world.  As for our approach at song writing, we write the musical structure then the lyrics and melodies to go on them and make the changes needed to have the song to our taste.  Simple but effective I must say.

Pat: I listen to all sorts of different styles. I don't play my part knowing that I have to play our songs like one particular drummer that influenced me.

Rock (Guitar): It actually inspires me to listen to different styles of music.

You're soon be releasing your first album.  How long has it been in the making?

Pat: Some songs were already written when I came back last April. Since then, Laurent has been coming up with these great ideas/riffs. It's going great! If all goes well, we should start recording mid January, 2009.

Should we expect something similar to the EP in terms of style?

Richie: Yes and no.   it will be 100 times heavier than the EP.  Our live show explains it all.

Pat: More aggressive!

Rock: More BRUTAL!!!!!

The EP was recorded at MS Studio in Ottawa.  Will you be using the same studio for the album?

Richie: Yes.

Pat: We'll probably search for a great place to have it mastered. We'll see.

Will the band be handling everything, or are you hiring a producer?  For that matter, how was the recording of the EP handled, and how did you like the experience?

Richie: We like to do our own stuff our own way so we take the process and do it all.

Pat: The whole experience was great! It's not like we have a record label to push us in the back. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment is greater when you do it yourself and hear the final results.

Larry: I think that the best thing about recording at MS Studio is that we don't have any deadline... we can take the time we need to do it right, no pressure.

You've played several live dates over the past 3-4 years, opening for such heavyweights as Therion.  How would you describe the "My Shadow live experience" (sorry, I always had scheduling conflicts when you guys were playing around here. :))  What kind of feedback have you had?

Richie: Intense Perfection. 

Pat: Feedback has always been very positive. When we're playing for a live audience, I'm always get nervous and tend to play a bit faster and turn the songs a bit more aggressive. So there's definitely lots of energy flowing.

Are you considering any kind of mini-tour once the album is out?

Richie: Mini-tour? What is that.   A tour of 2 or 3 shows? Nah that is too small for us.  A tour around Quebec and Ontario would be nice (That's what I meant by a mini-tour. ;) - Ed) to start with but a mini-tour would suck...

Pat: Yeah... that would be great if we could get a few dates on the Quebec and Ontario side! We do have one date for next summer at The Perth Metal Meltdown festival.... lots of great bands are going to be there. Don't miss it... July 18th, 2009. Scott from Joe Thrasher should have more details soon... so keep checking, and

Have any labels expressed interest in the band - or maybe I should first ask if you guys have done any label hunting at all!

Richie:  We didn't really look for labels.

Pat: I'd love to have a label supporting and helping us put the word out there.

Larry: I'd say we're looking for a label but we didn't put any effort into it yet. I guess that's what we'll do after the recording.

I've interviewed a couple of other local bands recently - Gévaudan and Bastardator - and asked both of them their thoughts on the Ottawa metal scene, so I might as well ask you the same thing! :)

Richie:  The Ottawa metal scene loves their death metal... so it kind of suck if you don't play that type of music.  I've been playing different towns and city for the past 13 years and let me just say that Ottawa is missing in the art of supporting their bands. You get places like Montreal or Toronto that just kick ass but if you want the best scene of the region you just have to cross the river to Gatineau and you get a party. (I'll have to go confirm that myself sometime. :) - Ed.) It hurts to say this since I'm born and bred from Ottawa but reality sometime is not exactly what we dream of.

Pat: We did have other styles of bands that came here and had fairly good turnout.

11. Thanks for your time! The last words are yours...


Pat: Get a copy of "We All Fall Down" EP now!

Larry: ...and save some cash for the next one.

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