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Interviews Dethroned

Interview with Nour (vocals/bass)

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: February 14, 2009

MR: Hails! Dethroned is a fairly recent affair, forming in November 2007. Looking at the member profiles on your web site, you were all about 16-17 years old at the time, which is fairly young. What kind of musical experience did each of you have at the time?

Nour: Greetings, Hope you are doing fine. Well, yes we are a young band, although now we have grown a year from being 16 17, heh. Our musical experience is around 6 -7 years. We all started to play our instruments when we were 10 11 years old, and it's been our passion ever since. We have grown in a musical surrounding that forbids metal, but for us, metal was a priority in our lives as it is now Dethroned.

MR: Less than a year after you formed, you released yours first demo, Prophecies of Doom. A very dark release in a rather crowded style (nowadays anyway), but with enough originality to make it stand out in that crowd. What inspired you youngsters to come up with such dark, gloomy music?

Nour: Well, our surrounding and our interest in Dark Art gave us a push to create such gloomy and dark music. It expresses how we feel. As for the originality, it came out from our oriental surrounding and our mixed musical influences which we are proud of.

MR: I couldn't find the lyrics to the songs - could you describe what the songs on Prophecies of Doom are about?

Nour: The songs of our demo can be found at some places on the web, as for the topics they all talk about Dark Prophecies and Myths that we wrote. We also dealt with Doom, Darkness, and Mythological topics. There's always an aim behind every song and every lyrics that we would like to express to our fellow listeners. We veiled anger and misery in some lovelorn verses.

MR: Was the demo recorded in a professional studio, or is that a home-made thing?

Nour: The demo was recorded in a home studio and mixed by some experienced people. The point behind doing the demo is to promote our music, so there wasn't a need to record it in a studio. The upcoming album is being recorded in a professional studio with professional sound engineer so we can deliver the best quality to the listeners.

MR: You are now working on your first full-length album. How is that going songwriting-wise? Any idea when it'll be released?<|p>

Nour: Our upcoming album is being recorded at the moment. We are done with the musical writing of all the songs. We still have to complete the recording and work on few special ideas that we'd like to deliver. As for the release, it will probably be in the beginning on 2010. We are eager to get done with the recording to deliver our best to our fans.

MR: Have you received much feedback about your demo yet, and if yes, how has it been? Any record label interest at all?

Nour: Well, we've got lots of feedback for our demo, most of which are great and supportive. As for the record labels, there were few interested but we weren't interested in the deal due to personal reasons. But we are still searching for a respectable label with a respectable offer.

MR: As I write this, out of roughly 2400 bands covered in some way at The Metal Crypt, only four are from Lebanon (OK, that's more than a few other countries, but still ;)). How are things metal-wise over there? Do you get to play a lot, and are there a lot of shows coming your way?

Nour : Well, the Local Metal scene in Lebanon is very small, its growing day after day and more people are getting introduced to such music. We are glad to spread the music by playing in metal events over here, but still there isn't a great crowd for such genre. As for our performances, we usually perform once every two months or so. I think it is enough for such a small scene and for our time since we are busy recording our first full-length album.

MR: I noticed some references to "Metal Bar" on your site. Is that the hotbed for live metal in your area? How is that place?

Nour : Oh, well... Metal Bar was a Metal Event under that name, it was held in a normal pub but the idea behind it was to have a metal night with a metal bar. This event was a very remarkable one, the crowd was insanely awesome.

MR: Have you had any offers to play outside Lebanon?Nour: Well yes, we've got few offers to play in countries near Lebanon, but unfortunately none was done yet. We hope to be performing in European countries when our days come.

MR: For someone not familiar with the Lebanese metal scene, are there bands that you particularly like that you would recommend?

Nour: Well of course, there are a lot of bands in Lebanon but few deliver good music. Our respect especially goes to Kimaera, Kaoteon and Blaakyum.MR: That's all for now... As usual, the last words are yours!

Nour: We'd like to thank The Metal Crypt for their continuous interest in all Metal genres worldwide and for doing this interview. We'd also like to assure the fans that our next release is going to be a very special one, and hopefully, will satisfy their hunger.

Darkest Regards Dethroned.

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