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Interviews Nile

Interview with Dallas Toler-Wade (Guitars, vocals)

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: October 17, 2009

For over a decade Nile have been building a legacy as the preeminent US Death Metal band, and with their latest release Those Whom The Gods Detest they have continued to push their sound and their musicianship even farther than before. Longtime Guitarist/Vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade was good enough to spare a bit of his time to answer some questions about the new album.

Sargon: Those Whom the Gods Detest has a quite a bit of experimentation on it clean-sung vocals being the most obvious. Tell us about what inspired those changes.

Dallas: Well we have had clean vocals before on a song called "Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar." We just goes with what feels right. We have always tried different things and had fun doing that. If an idea does not work at least it was tried. It's like a condom. It's better to have it and not need than need it and not have it.

Sargon: Do you think the last few Nile albums were getting kind of into a rut? And was that the reason for the experimentation?

Dallas: I don't think we were in a rut at all. I think that we have been just growing as a band. Some of the albums we have done are more raw and some have more of the other elements as well. It's all about the album we want to make at the time. We do not want to make the same album or the same song.

Sargon: You've been with the band since Black Seeds of Vengeance, what is different in the band now as opposed to then?

Dallas: I have been in the band since September of 1997. I have done all of the tours. Black Seeds... was the first album I was on. The only thing different is the other members really, and the fact that we are a lot tighter as a band now.

Sargon: How did you get started playing guitar, and what brought you to play Death Metal?

Dallas: I have always liked playing music. I have playing drums since I was 7, Guitars and vocals since I was 14. Almost everyone in my family plays music. It has just been a way of life for me. I started listening to rock when I was really young, and just started to get into heavier stuff over time. At first I did not even take Death Metal seriously at all. I thought it was sloppy speed metal. Later on it grew on me.

Sargon: It seems there are many more bands using Middle Eastern sounds and myth for their inspiration, but Nile were there first. Do you like that, or do you feel like they are imitating Nile's success?

Dallas: I don't know if we were the first for sure, and I don't feel like anyone is trying to imitate us. Maybe inspired would be a better word. If people are having fun making music the that is all that matters.

Sargon: I know Karl has always been the lyricist, but how closely do you collaborate on the music?

Dallas: I write like three and a half songs an album, and have not done much for the band in the lyric department. I have always really dug the stuff that Karl writes. We will often have long discussions about sick stuff. We have lots of fun working with George on the songs. We all have a team player attitude.

Sargon: "Kafir!" is a bit different thematically from the usual Nile songs, can you tell us what the song is meant to say and what brought that about?

Dallas: For me it is a big middle finger to any organized religion. I think Karl wanted to branch outand write about some different stuff this time. We feel there is still so much stuff out to be inspired by. Good and bad things.

Sargon: Nile has been steadily touring and recording for almost ten years now without much of a break, does it ever get exhausting? Do you ever feel you might quit?

Dallas: Not really. We have been touring since 98, and we still feel we are lucky to get the chance to go out and tour. We really like playing live.

Sargon: Do you work on new material on the road?

Dallas: Karl and I like to sit backstage with our practice amps and jam out, and yes some good parts have come from that. Or one of us will come up with a riff and trade off soloing to get warmed up a little before the show.

Sargon: What was the recording experience like this time around? Did it go easily or was it more tortuous to get the sounds you wanted?

Dallas: It is always a fun learning process recording. We have worked with Neil Kernon for three albums now, and it just keeps getting better. Neil is really tough on us, and he gets the best out of all of us. George had it really rough with Erik Rutan, and Neil Kernon for the drum recording wow!!!! The saying of the album was that was great!!!!!! Do it again. It's always hard on everyone but it is also fun as hell!!!

Sargon: Anything else you want to say?

Dallas: I would just like to say thanks for being metal and we will see you soon!!!

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