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Interviews Hunters Moon

Interview with J. Eradicator

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: January 27, 2010

I couldn't find much information about Hunters Moon, other than the fact that there are two members of Nocturnal Graves. Could you tell us a little more about how the band came to be?

Actually, I am no longer a member of Nocturnal Graves. I only played on their Satan's Cross album. Decaylust is a member of their live touring line up. Hunters Moon began as a side project whilst I was playing in Denouncement Pyre. New ideas began to emerge that did not really fit under the banner of Denouncement Pyre. Eventually I left Denouncement Pyre and decided to focus more of my attention towards Hunters Moon.

Do you consider Hunters Moon to be only a "studio only" side-project, or is it a full-blown band that will be touring etc...?

I consider it to be a band, but a band confined to a studio. I cannot envisage Hunters Moon ever becoming a live band. The live scene and following for good metal in Australia is pretty sub par compared to Europe for example.

Other than Nocturnal Graves, are you guys involved in any other band?

Decaylust is still active with Denouncement Pyre. I have a number of other projects outside of metal including a rock/punk styled band. Recently most of my time has been taken up engineering other bands and recordings.

Who does what in the band? Is everyone involved in the songwriting?

I write all the music and structures. Decaylust contributes the lyrics, vox and general ideas and themes behind the band. I usually jam with a drummer for while then we will record the release. I play guitar, bass and keys on the recordings. Decaylust handles all vox. I use a session drummer for all of the recordings.

The Serpents Lust is quite the little teaser, leaving the listener begging for more. Is a full-length album around the corner?

The songs on The Serpents Lust are actually a couple of years old. We recorded that at the start of 2007 so in the meantime I have been preparing and writing songs for a full-length. I have been busy demo'ing new tracks for the full-length and it is slowly approaching completion. The next step will involve collaborating with the other heathens to review the tracks and lay down the songs in our studio.

Are we to expect material in the same vein as The Serpents Lust?

The general feel and approach will be similar, but overall the sound will be more varied and will encompass a broader range of influences. I got tired of the constant Bathory comparisons. In a way it is flattering but at the same time it was never our intention to sound like a particular band.

How are things with Hells Headbangers? With The Serpents Lust being release on both CD and vinyl, they certainly seem to be backing the band seriously?

HHR are a great label. Very professional and they have been behind Hunters Moon 100%. We look forward to working with them on the full-length album.

I've only read good things about The Serpents Lust (reviews, etc.) Have you guys received any bad feedback at all, or did it succeed in slaying any poser who may have been imprudent enough to listen to it?The release has had some excellent press. There are of course a few reviewers who have totally missed the point of what we're about. I have read some amusing comparisons and thoughts behind our music. At the end of the day the overall response has been really quite good. It has exceeded my expectations and I can only hope that the full-length is received with the same interest.

With 2009 now behind us, what albums released that year have you heard that are worthy of mention?

Just got my hands on Ares Kingdom's new album Incendiary. As expected, it's a killer. Aside from that, there were some great releases last year like Beherit's new album.

Last words are yours!

Appreciate the interview and your interest in the band. Keep an eye out for our full length around mid this year.

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