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Interviews Tsjuder

Interview with Nag (vocals/bass)

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud

Date online: April 13, 2001

Tsjuder from Norway are one of those Black Metal bands that have not followed the "trend" of going for keyboards and female vocals and whatever else some bands are doing today. Their brand of Black Metal has remained raw, fast and aggressive since they started, and there are no indications that they intend to mellow it down! The band recently did a mini- tour (three shows) in Canada. I contacted Nag (vocals/bass) shortly after their return to Norway and he agreed to do this interview. Enjoy!

You recently did a mini-tour in Canada - that surprised lots of people! Can you tell me how that tour was made possible, and who initiated it?

It was arranged by Drakkar, our label. And we got help from Phil, Charles A., and Herjann (HAIL guys!) that really did a good job for us. Also Duncan S and his mother did a great job for us in Ottawa!

Three dates were confirmed, with a fourth unconfirmed one, which I think, was to be Toronto. Did that show happen?

We only played the three shows. I don't know where nor when the fourth show was supposed to be.

How did the tour go? Any interesting stories? Our Customs are known to give a hard time to bands at the border, how did that go? Yep, multiple questions here - tell me everything.

The tour was all in all very good. I was very disappointed about the Montreal concert. First of all we played like shit, and the audience was shit! The other shows were very good. But of course we also had some complications. And one of them was nails and spikes. We were told not to bring anything because of the customs in Canada, so we didn't have enough spikes! We also had some problems with Draugluin's guitar. It was stopped at the customs.

I still can't believe that you played here in Ottawa - we don't get a lot of shows here. Any chance of you guys coming back to Canada, for promoting the next album maybe?

I have no clue if we'll come back. If someone pays for it, and we're able to go, we're coming. (Promoters, you know what to do!!! - ed.)

Any other tours planned for 2001?

20 gigs in Europe in October with Mutiilation and Decayed. (Note to self: move to Europe. - ed.)

Reading the band's biography on your web site, you've had more than your share of lineup changes! How stable is the current band lineup. Are you all permanent band members?

We've more or less decided that Tsjuder is me and Draugluin. It's us that makes everything. Anyway, Anti Christian and Pål are members also.

What is the meaning of the name "Tsjuder"?

Tsjuder were a people that lived in the north of Scandinavia about 1000 years ago (not to be confused with the Vikings). They were a brutal people, just murdering/slaughtering, stealing, raping, torturing, etc... They wore black leather, and used brutal weapons. All in all they were a brutal people, and this fits for a brutal band!

Are you the band's leader, or is everyone involved in the decisions regarding the music, tours, etc... ?

It's me and Draugluin. But of course the others get to say their opinions. Anti Christian also have a lot to say, since he's the one making the drums.

What are your main musical influences?

Celtic Frost, Bathory, Destruction, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Marduk, the old Gorgoroth, etc…

Your three demos are all sold out. Are there any plans to eventually reissue them, maybe all on one CD?

Many labels have asked us for permission to release those things on CD, but we've said no. Maybe sometime in the future we'll release them, but not for now. (Now I'm depressed - ed.)

The first 1000 copies of Kill for Satan sold out rapidly, you had a new batch made. Have you set any limit on the number of copies that will be made in total, or are you going to have it pressed as long as there's a demand for it?

Drakkar will repress a third copy of "Kill for Satan" now, with a bonus song. This edition will be pressed in 3000 copies, and will be the last ones. So the limit will be 5000.

I suppose you're already thinking about the successor to Kill for Satan. Can we expect more of the same, or are you planning to make some "radical" changes to your sound? - I'm talking both musically and lyrically here.

Lyrically it will be in the same vein. We've actually made a Norwegian lyric, first one since our first demo. Musically it will be more back to our second demo, and EP. Much more thrash influences compared to "KFS" which had much death metal influences. The music will be intense as hell! We're just trying to make it more extreme! We will also record this album in Hellrace studios. The guy is a very good friend of ours, and we have all the time we want there. This give us time to try out different types of sound. We will not have a nice polished sound!

When can you expect another album?

As always there will most likely be delays. Anyway we'll record it in July, and doing a tour in October, so I hope it's out by then.

Will it be released by Drakkar Productions?


Your music conveys a clear anti-Christian message. What goal do you seek? Are you just venting your frustration at Christianity, or do you hope that it will lead some people to take some... actions?

We express our opinions about Christianity. I don't think our music will make people take action. I hope the fuckers in the Norwegian government will remove our "state-church" (I don't have any better word for it). It's very close before it will happen, but that has nothing to do with Tsjuder. It's the Norwegian people.

You're probably aware that some of your fans enjoy your music and lyrics a lot, but don't necessarily share your "religious" views, that some of them are probably even Catholic (or some other Christian-based religion). Does it matter to you that some people just don't care about the whole meaning of your lyrics and still enjoy your music?

No, I don't think it's important that they share our beliefs. Most people have different objectives on things.

How long have you been part of the Black Metal scene?

I've listened to Black Metal for a long time, but when I became part of the scene I guess is about the time we started Tsjuder in 1993.

What is your opinion regarding what the Black Metal scene was in the early 90s versus what it has become today? There are bands that still convey the message, but there are a lot of derivatives - NS Black Metal, antihuman Black Metal, and the one that contradicts itself, Christian Black Metal (!) What do you think of all that stuff?

HAHAHAHAHHAHA Christian Black Metal!?!?! That's a new one! In the early 90's there still was an underground Black Metal scene. The "normal" guy on the street feared us, and this gave us strength. Today it's totally fucked up. The news papers are making jokes about Black Metal. It's no scene anymore!

Are there any bands you like in particular? Have you checked out the most recent acts such as Zyklon? (Personally I don't like them but it seems like a lot of people love their debut album.)

There are a few bands that I really like:

Of course I also love bands such as Slayer, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Kreator, etc…

Yes, I got the Zyklon promo from Samoth, and I filmed their first gig, here in Oslo. I think Zyklon is good, but it gets boring after heard it more than once. I also think Myrkskog is about the same.

How do you see Black Metal "evolving" over the next few years?

The elite will stand, and the rest will listen to rap and pop music!

That's about all I got. Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanx for supporting Tsjuder. Check updates on


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