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Interviews Rotting Christ

Interview with Sakis Tolis

Interview conducted by D "Chris" Carter

Date online: January 20, 2013

The Greek Black Metal Band Rotting Christ has been around since 1987. Rotting Christ's music has incorporated many variations over the years but their unique style, Greek influence, and melodic music makes them stand out in a genre that has exploded with mainstream and loss of direction. Rotting Christ's 12th studio album, "KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY" (Do What Thy Wilt), is scheduled for a March 1st release date (March 5th for North America).

D: I like the Name Rotting Christ. It seems to get a reaction from most who hear the name. I'm sure I'm not the only curious one who asks, Why the name Rotting Christ?

Sakis: Because we do believe that all the religious are rotting. Simple as that. We belong to the rebellious generation that created the second generation of Black Metal back in late 80's early 90's. An era that wanted to oppose in the formalism and generally the conservative society status back then. Others burned churches and killed each other...we only used that name! Don't you think that we did a few things against a dogma, against a religion that has brought so many "disasters" throughout history? We do not have problem with the beliefs itself even if we do not agree with the organized religions.

D: What are the band's main influences?

Sakis: Everything that doesn't sound happy and beautiful to caress the ear.

D: On your new single, "In Yumen – Xibalba", I noticed a different vocal style than before. Any other surprises we can look forward to on the new album?

Sakis: The whole album is a surprise. Being faithful to our habit to reveal something different album by album and surprising our fans simultaneously. We did the same with this album too and this time I have the feeling that we pushed things ever further! An endless journey into the magic of ancient civilizations into the apocryphal parts of ancient religions that created, in my opinion, our darkest album by far!

D: I like the chant used on In Yumen – Xibalba. What is the chant saying?

Sakis: It is a part of ancient Mayan ritual

D: For "Aealo" there was a two-disc special release. Will "Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy" have any special releases or hidden tracks?

Sakis: Yes both! We try to give our best to the people that have the will to buy our releases. This is so important for us. Get in touch with our label SEASON OF MIST.

D: Was the situation in Greece any kind of influence on the writing of the new album?

Sakis: If I say no, I will be a liar. I am afraid the answer is yes. And how can you escape from such situation, if you see that everything that you have built in all your life can collapse in one day? Yes, that was a big problem for me, so I tried twice this time to escape from everyday life and to trip to my own world. You know the saying... "If something doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger"!

D: How was the writing process different for "Kata" compared to" Aealo"?

Sakis: More or less it was the same. Due to the financial situation I mentioned before, it took me more time to compose and of course to get the ideas. I should say that I take the compositions really seriously and this is a result of a personal meditation in depth. A trip into the unsearchable part of myself. A search to the unknown that leads me to a musical expression.

D: Is there one song. On "Kata", that means the most to you?

Sakis: I feel all songs are my creations and there is a specific reason that I composed them, so I can't really choose one!

D: So the upcoming tour for the new album starts in March. Any hint at who the supporting acts will be?

Sakis: I have no idea, as the first leg of our worldwide tour will be shows that we headline and not the kind of tour that will participate with a supporting act. Stay tuned with our social sites. We start up with South America and I do not really know when we will stop.

D: I know Rotting Christ just came off a long tour. What are your favorite things about touring?

Sakis: Our connection with our fans! The day of and the orgasm during the show. That feeling cannot be replaced with anything in this life. Of course, there are unlimited things that make one sick and disagrees with, but as long as you are on stage you forget everything....EVERYTHING indeed!

D: What is the worst part of touring for you?

Sakis: Airports!

D: I know Rotting Christ tours a lot in Europe. It's such a rare treat that you come to the States. I had the pleasure of catching a show when you came through Texas. Will the new tour include any US dates?

Sakis: We very soon will start our worldwide tour. And when we say, "worldwide," we cannot exclude the States. So we will soon be back to your land. We missed Texas and this is not just a compliment. Greetings to Austin Metal brothers.

Sakis: We do care because we simply are fans. We love METAL and we feel that we have something in common with the people that we share the same music tastes and ideas.

So until we meet you...



The term Non Serviam is the band's philosophy. And so far Rotting Christ shows no signs of stopping or ever bowing down to the powers that be. Be sure to check for tour info and news.

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