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Interviews Morgueazm

Interview with Brett, Mark and Gramie

Interview conducted by Barbara Williams (Crowley)

Date online: January 14, 2003

A big "Hail" and greeting from "Hell" Paso, Texas!!! How are you guys doing?

Brett: Not bad, thanx

Mark: How Y’all doin?

Gramie: Hail, devilish sister from across the pond!

First of all, you guys have the most kick-ass entrance into a website. Where did you get the idea?

Brett: Thanks to Gramie’s sick mind, this sort of thing comes easy.

Mark: Ditto

Gramie: It’s all my fault. I wanted something to fit the theme of the music. Something that would unnerve people, and give them the feeling they were entering some dark, grim place. Hence the opening gate. Does it work for you? LOL

What made you form Morgueazm?

Brett: When I first got on the net, I went to find old bands I had Gramie Dee - Vocals, guitars, songwritingplayed with and came across the ’Blood Money’ site. After not speaking to any of the lads for sixteen years, I emailed Gramie and invited him and the lads to come and stay with me and see my studio to possibly record a re-union Blood Money album. Gramie accepted the offer and we decided to just put some ideas down and see what came of them. One night, in a drunken frenzy, we came up with the name Morgueazm and the rest is now present future history!

Mark: I was asked to provide some thumping bass and keyboards as I have been recording with Brett for three years now and do a lot of session work for various artists in his studio - and I’m cheap!

Gramie: Yep, Brett said it all. I made a website for our old band Blood Money. We were pretty successful during the 80’s, releasing two albums on the Ebony label. I noticed we kept getting mentioned on various NWOBHM sites, so I decided to make the site in memory of the good times we all had. Brett found it and got in touch. Dammit, I had been away from music for too long. I jumped at the chance to play again.

How is the metal scene where you guys are at? Is it pretty active or a continuous struggle? You know what they say, "A poet is never appreciated in his own town." Do you see some truth in this or what is your take?

Brett: Where Gramie is in Manchester there is a lot more going on than in our sleepy town down south. We get the occasional cover bands in the pub, but there is only so much Whitesnake a man can take!

Mark: It’s all a load of bollocks!

Gramie: Nope, the metal scene in Manchester is crap, too. There’s a healthy source of metal coming from Leeds though. Some excellent bands there. Tangaroa, From the Ashes--keep your ears open; I think they will be invading soon.

Seeing that you’re Heavy/Thrash Metal, I was surprised by the lyrics and the website. Why a death metal theme? Who came up with the name?

Brett: 28 pints of lager and too much spare time creates great names!

Mark: Yes, I was bladdered, but I didn’t have the spare time!!

Brett Avok - Vocals, drum programming, engineeringGramie: Here is the TRUE story. Morgueazm is an experiment in crossing genres of metal, not just thrash. We wanted to see what would happen if we introduced different themes. Yes, we even threw some techno in there, thanks to Mark. (Yes it was all HIS fault) LOL. Although not strictly death metal, we did put in some slight essence in some tracks. But the theme of the website is to fit in with the Horror subject matter as opposed to death metal. The name Morgueazm is meant to amuse while giving an indication of what to expect. I guess it WOULD be a good name for a grind gore band though.

I also sense a bit of humour in the "Horror Metal" theme. Am I correct or completely off?

Brett: Correct, it would worry me to think we were being serious.

Mark: Have you heard of the ’Carry On’ films in the US? Need I say more!

Gramie: Humour all the way. Lyrically, (for this album anyway) I was influenced by such artists as Alice Cooper (one of my heroes), Macabre (gotta love that murder metal), and other such lyrically inclined loveable psychotics.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard your music before?

Gramie: Think of one of those cheesy old horror "B" movies full of sick stuff that’s so bad, it’s good.

Brett: I daren’t play it to my mum - bless her!

Mark: Tinges of Ozzy, Zombie, Rammstein and Beethoven, with a sprinkling of Spinal Tap!

How do you get the inspiration for your writing?

Brett: As I produced the album, I wouldn’t know - ask Gramie!

Mark: All my ideas come from the heart - anyone’s will do!

Gramie: As I’ve already said, I was influenced by Alice etc… for the lyrics. I love all that horror stuff. But for the music side, I’m a big fan of Ozzy and the Sabs, Slayer, Opeth, and, of course, Alice. I don’t think any of the songs sound that way, but I do get inspiration from those bands. Maybe Ozzy might have crept in somewhere.

How would you describe (or categorize) your style of vocals? Who have been your role models?

Brett: For this album it was Sir Ozzworth of Ozbourne.

Mark: I don’t and never have sung - far too painful to the listener!

Gramie: I never thought about it. I just scream and try to stay in tune. (Or out of tune, depending on how you view it).

Which bands are on your list of favorites?

Gramie: Ozzy, Sabbath, Slayer, Opeth, CoF, Arch Enemy, Zyklon, My Dying Bride, Mortician. Hell, too many to mention here.

Brett: Rob Zombie, Sabbath, Ozzy, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and John Denver (I thought his classic "Well Hung Ploughboy" was brilliant - sorry, Rhinestone Cowboy)

Mark: Zombie, Creed, Queens of the Stoneage (if you haven’t got them in the States yet, you are in for a treat!) and the Osmonds (Crazy Horses still rocks)

Gramie: erm… did Brett just mention Limp Dickshit? And Slip Snot? Holy shit, bro! What the hell is WRONG with you you fag? (LOL) I liked the Osmonds’ Crazy Horses though. (hey… I did!)

Any plans to go on tour? If so, where and when and with whom?

Gramie: At the moment Morgueazm are purely a recording band although Sarah Thorn - Lyricist and muse we WOULD tour if the situation was right. But right now I am involved in a project with our old bass player from Blood Money. A death/doom band called Xanthoma. We are currently recording a CD for release in January. And THIS is the real shit. Pure death and doom all the way. We plan to promote it and gig like crazy. But I will always find time for another Morgueazm album.

Brett: If the right offer came along, I would pick up the sticks again.

Mark: Not for me, I am happiest in the studio.

Do you keep up with Metal Magazines? Which ones do you read or like the best?

Brett: Not really. I mainly read studio mags.

Mark: I have tried metal magazine, but they always go rusty!

Gramie: I read Terrorizer mainly, but I sometimes read Metal Hammer, too. I gave up on Kerrap!!!!! A long time ago!

Outside of playing Metal, what kinds of things do you enjoy doing?

Brett: Sex in public!

Mark: Like in pub sex!

Gramie: Ooh, all sorts of crazy, artistic stuff. Painting, drawing (when I have the time), watching HORROR movies, eating out--oh yeah, and sex.

Do you consider yourself an Underground Metal band?

Brett: Yes

Mark: Ditto

Gramie: I think so. Well, we are not signed to a mainstream label, (we ain’t signed to ANY label, in fact) and we try to make our music available to anyone who wishes to hear it. I believe in making music accessible to all, and by playing what the fuck I like instead of conforming to rules. So yes, we are Underground.

Where do you do your recording?

Brett: In my studio - next to my bathroom!

Mark: In Brett’s bathroom - next to his studio!

Gramie: Brett has an excellent state of the art digital recording studio in his home. And, yes….. it IS next to his bathroom. Great acoustics in there. LOL

You have a few songs on (and a super cool site). What do you think about the Internet and the way bands can promote themselves these days?

Brett: It gives bands like ours a chance to be heard - getting a deal is really difficult with all the pop shit over here - and it gives us a world-wide audience - like yourself!

Mark: It’s fantastic and is a great door opener for people like us.

Gramie: The internet is a gift from heaven (or hell). I wish we’d had it years ago. Maybe Blood Money would still be alive.

Have you gotten any gifts from fans? Which would you say would be the coolest or weirdest?

Gramie: I had some girl send me a dental cast of her teeth once. Sweet chick.

Dark Mark - Bass, keyboardsBrett: I got told that I had a good package by a fan looking at a photo on the Blood Money website -

Mark: "That’s not a gift though, is it?!"

Brett: "It was for me - dickhead! I was doing an impression of a Sumo Wrestler with my natty kecks on - before boxers were invented"

Mark: "Is there such a thing as Sumo Boxers then?"

Brett: "Twat!"

Gramie: erm… anyway…..

Any video releases in the planning?

Brett: Planning ……..yes!

Mark: Reality………No!

Gramie: It isn’t out of the question. We have some ideas for storyboards, but we need to know if it could be done within a very small budget. LOL

What are the future plans of your band?

Brett: A new album - and this one will be Multiple Morgueazms!

Mark: I would love to play on that one!!

Gramie: Another album is definitely in the pipeline. But whether I can get these two assholes to gig or not is another question...

Do you have or are planning to have a side-project?

Brett: Awaiting news of a song-writing deal for my own personal songs…watch this space!

Mark: I am usually found re-mixing tracks for other bands in Brett’s studio - next to his bathroom.

Gramie: I have my death/doom band to keep me warm. Xanthoma, the heaviest, most brutal, sick piece of hate I have ever produced. I think it will go down well with sick, brutal metal heads.

Could you tell us a little about the lyrical concept of "Fun With Formaldehyde?

Brett: After the gong, it was down to Gramie with the lyrics.

Mark: I was in Brett’s living room - which is next to his bathroom, next to his studio.

Gramie: Basically, it’s a musical interpretation of all those zombie/slasher/horror movies out there. Exploring such themes as necrophilia, stalking, murder, you know….. romantic stuff.

Which is the most dominant instrument in your band?

Brett: The music

Mark: "Twat"

Brett: "Bollocks"

Gramie: I think probably the drums, seeing as Brett did the final mix and production. And he IS a drummer. I hate him. LOL

What kind of books do you read? Any good books you would like to mention?

Brett: Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Larry Niven - ’Ringworld’ trilogy

Mark: I have just finished a book about circumcision - full of tips!

Gramie: Don’t forget the master of the macabre, Clive Barker. I love his sick visions of horror. And for humour you can’t beat Terry Pratchett, author of the wonderful Disc World novels.

Any last words to fans?

Brett: We hope to bring you another Morgueazmic moment soon!

Mark: Thanks for listening to us and do stop by the website and leave us a message.

Gramie: And check out our music on plus tune in to Maddog Radio Morgueazm won the Featured Artist poll on there against some excellent bands. We want to thank our fans for voting for us. We love you all!

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