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Interviews Deceased

Interview with vocalist King Fowley

Interview conducted by Luxi Lahtinen

Date online: November 7, 2014

Deceased, the storm troopers of death from Arlington, Virginia, have become one of the most highly appreciated US bands over the years. Deceased's popularity among their fans is very much deserved as the band respects them by playing the uncompromising type of Metal the fans expect to hear and stay true to their core sound.

Since the release of the excellent Surreal Overdose everyone has been expectantly awaiting news of a new Deceased record. Worry not folks; Ghostly White is the title of the band's 7th studio album. Initial rumors had it coming out in the spring of 2013 but, unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

The Metal Crypt decided to inquire of Mr. King Fowley himself for some news from the Deceased camp, about the delays behind Ghostly White, King's other band October 31, the tour they did with "Sweden-ized" Finnish Heavy Metal heroes OZ in 2013 and any other "hot" topics he felt like sharing with the fans of Deceased...

Luxi: The last time we talked about Deceased was at the end of 2012; time really flies. Deceased's 7th studio album, Ghostly White, was scheduled for a spring 2013 release but it's now October 2014 (at the time of this interview - ed.) I guess it's reasonable to ask what has caused the delay. I am guessing it's taken more time to make it sound just right, correct?

King: As we get older and life around us fills with work, bills, family and location of living it gets tougher. A lot of things have kept the new record from being written and recorded. Mike has been away on work business a lot the last two years, especially. We will never just toss out 7-8 new songs and call it an album. It has to be just right and what we want. This would take time if we were 20 years old again and still living at home. So, add in all the aforementioned things and that slows the process. It will be 110% Deceased music when it finally does come out. I promise you that!

Luxi: What has been the hardest part of getting the songs for this new album completed?

King: Besides what I mentioned in my last answer, there is a vibe I'm going for on the new record that will take time to get completely right. Ghostly White is a very morbid record the way I see it and I want to be 100% sure we end up with the ideas and vibes on the finished album.

Luxi: Do you believe that the fans will hear all the familiar elements of Deceased's core sound on Ghostly White, all of those trademark elements that made albums from Luck of the Corpse to Surreal Overdose so popular among the true Metal crowd?

King: We will be us; it's still all from the heart. We don't care about looking for new avenues. We are set in our ways! It will be 100% Death Metal from the grave!!! A piece of everything we've ever done musically is always in our souls.

Luxi: What kind of a challenge has the lengthy, 15-minute epic Deceased song we talked about last time presented? You've never done anything this long with Deceased before...

King: Well that's still in stages as of now. It's an idea Mike and I have had for ages. We've thought of full LPs with only one song or 22 shorts songs on one album; all kinds of bizarre ideas. This is where we want to go this time. Fingers crossed! :)

Luxi: Have you already entered the studio and started recording the album?

King: No, we haven't, but it will be recorded at Oblivion Studios when time comes. That is where we did Fearless, Supernatural and Mourners.

Luxi: What are some of your lyrical sources of inspiration? Are there any cool horror stories, books or films that have been huge inspirations for the songs on Ghostly White?

King: Everything is buried inside me. There is so much to choose from and be inspired by; movies, literature, imagination. All will be tapped into when the time comes!

Luxi: Have you rejected any stuff during the song writing process for Ghostly White?

King: Anything we write has a chance of being in a song. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. We always feel a song has different characters and personalities at various times. If it works, we will use it! So far it's all been traditional Deceased vibes with a lot of stuff making the "cut."

Luxi: So, what release date are we looking at for Ghostly White at the moment?

King: Late 2015 seems the most honest to say at this point. It's a ways off for sure.

Luxi: What will happen right after Ghostly White is released? Are you going to hit the road for any extensive tours, to promote the album, or will you let your label, Hells Headbangers, take care of that?

King: The road is always part of Deceased. 2015 is our 30th anniversary and I plan to get the band out a lot to celebrate. I am hoping to get gigs overseas and in new territories as well as the U.S., of course! As for promotion, we let folks know a new LP is out and if they want to check it out they can.

Luxi: Talking about playing live, you have the Rage of Armageddon festival coming up on October 10th and 11th, 2014. The line-up for this festival looks killer; Hobb's Angel of Death, Blood Feast, Whiplash, False Prophet, etc. are all going to be a part of it. I would think Deceased, and you personally, are dying to perform at this festival.

King: Every show means the world to me. Ed, the promoter, is a dear friend and he always does a fantastic job with his shows. New York has been very good to us since our inception and we look forward to ripping it up with all of them. It is Hobb's Angel of Death's first U.S. tour ever and that will be fun, too!

Luxi: What are Deceased's plans to invade European Metal festivals next year?

King: Anyone reading from overseas that can help set up a real tour, by all means get in touch. Anyone, anywhere, is my email. Let's make it reality!

Luxi: Deceased's official website,, has been under construction for quite some time. Out of curiosity, when will it be back up and running again so that the fans can get the latest information about what's going on in the Deceased camp? There seems to be very little information available about Deceased on the Internet at the moment...

King: My Facebook page keeps people up to the minute on gigs/releases. The website is run by a friend of the band and he's been very busy with work over the last year so time for the site has been sparse. I hope to have him add to it in the near future.

Luxi: Besides Deceased, October 31 keeps you busy as well. You have a new album coming out soon, titled Bury the Hatchet, also on Hells Headbangers. How pleased are you with that record? Did it turn out the way you hoped?

King: I'm super-pleased. It was long overdue and I'm very proud at what we created. The song writing came through and the new rhythm guitarist and drummer did a hell of a job joining forces with Brian, Jim and I. It's out in two weeks on Hells Headbangers! (It is out now and a review can be read here – ed.)

Luxi: No Survivors, October 31's previous studio album, came out in 2005. That's a really long time between albums. Can you tell us what delayed you guys getting together and recording a new October 31 album?

King: Life again, really. Different locations, moving, other bands and just stuff going on. The guys have lots of projects and we couldn't find the time to write until now. But it's back in full swing and we will be playing out and going wild as often as we can! Check the calendar for Metal near you :)

Luxi: There's Brian "Hellstorm" Williams, Jim Hunter and you left from the recording sessions of No Survivors, so what happened with Dave "Scarface" (Castillo) and Jason Tedder that they aren't a part of the October 31 line-up any more? Did they suffer from a lack of motivation or did things in their personal lives prevent them from continuing to be a part of the band (job, families, health issues, etc.)?

King: Jason wanted to pursue other musical ideas in his own world. Dave has a baby now and he has a busy work schedule so he stepped down. The new guys, Matt Ibach and Sean Wilhide, do a great job and we are super-pleased with the band line-up right now.

Luxi: Are you also trying to get October 31 out for gigs, or even for a more extensive tour, if you can get all of your timetables to match?

King: Yes! I want October 31 out playing. This band really feeds off live shows. It's our strength! Gigs gigs gigs...!!!

Luxi: How was it to do shows with Finnish Heavy Metal heroes OZ back in May 2013? Both October 31 and Deceased shared the same stage with them on this tour, so it must have been very exciting for you, as I happen to know you are a big OZ fan since day one...

King: It was a blast! OZ was super-cool and killed every gig. Love those guys! It was wild for me to be driving us around in a 5-passenger van for a week straight. I'd look in the rear view mirror and see the band OZ back there and think about being a kid and cranking their Fire in the Brain album. It was a great experience; we need to do it again! :)

Luxi: Have you been able to keep in touch with them and plan future gig opportunities together?

King: Yes! We have talked of West Coast U.S. tour in 2015. We are trying to line it up. I'd like to also bring Persian Risk over as part of it, too.

Luxi: What about Doomstone? Is it officially dead and buried for good or do you believe new life could be breathed into it IF there were enough hours in the day?

King: It could but it's really very unimportant to me right now.

Luxi: What about Old Metal Records then; are you still running it and trying to get some long forgotten gems out for peoples' listening pleasure?

King: It's been slow. I'm always looking for classics to unleash. Convict is one I may put out soon. I've been so busy elsewhere I've had little time for this! It still means a lot to me though.

Luxi: No one is forever in this world, I guess. Keeping this in mind, what would you like to see written on the tombstone when it's time to bury Deceased for good?

King: "Fuck social status!"

Luxi: As always, thanks so much for your time for this conversation King and best of luck to you, in your life, and with your bands Deceased and October 31 in the future. Stay healthy, stay true to yourself, keep the flag high, death to false Metal, etc. - the last words are yours...

King: Thanks Luxi. Sorry I didn't have so much to say on the new Deceased LP yet. It's a ways off. You know we are boiling our brew slowly but surely. Stay wild and happy. Love you brother! Cheers to everyone! Long live the loudddddddd...!!!!

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Interview with vocalist and drummer King Fowley on January 6, 2013 (Interviewed by Luxi Lahtinen)

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