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Interviews Spawn of Possession

Interview with Dennis

Interview conducted by Barbara Williams (Crowley)

Date online: January 29, 2003

Please give me the background on your band and members you have and have had.

I got together with Bryssling (Guitar) and some other freaks back in 93/94 through a common interest, to play brutal death metal! In 96 we had established a great line-up (after various member fuck-ups) and we had this band HEDEON going which was pretty melodic but still extreme with blast beats and all that! At the same time myself and Bryssling did this thing called SPAWN OF POSSESSION on the side just to play some ultra brutality from time to time! The problem was that none of the other guys was interested in playing that kind of brutality and we kind of got tired of the progress HEDEON seemed to have which was getting more simple, slow and melodic. In other words boring! So what happened was that the other guys left in Feb 97 and Bryssling and I picked up Karlsson (Guitar) who at that time didn't have a band but was a totally insane guitar player! Together the three of us got serious with SPAWN OF POSSESSION! We rehearsed hard and devoted for three years and in 2000 we recorded our first 3 track CDemo THE FORBIDDEN! It had a great response in the underground but unfortunately it didn't get us record deal which at that time was our main priority! We did some shows and hooked up with Dewerud (Bass) to have him join our camp! In 2001 the four of us recorded the second CDemo CHURCH OF DEVIANCE and after some negotiating we got our self's a killer deal with UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS for a full-length album, namely CABINET!

Why Spawn of Possession? Who came up with the name?

Bryssling came up with it a long time ago. I guess he just felt it had a brutal edge to it so when we started this band we knew it would be called Spawn of Possession! I think it's a cool name because its meaning is not so obvious!

How do you get the inspiration for your writing your lyrics?

There have been some flicks that have inspired me but mostly I imagine the shit I write down! I get a picture of something in my head and then I try to describe it on paper!

How would you describe (or categorize) your style of vocals? Who have been your role models?

My greatest influence is David Vincent (ex. MORBID ANGEL)! He had such dept and devotion in his voice like very few have; I also think that his lyrics and lyrical arrangements are genius! But I also like Corpsegrinder (CANNIBAL CORPSE), Patrick Mamelli (PESTILENCE), Frank Mullen (SUFFOCATION) and Luc Lemay (GORGUTS)! Those guys have killer throats!!!

Which bands are on your list of favorites? If I were to look through your CD collection, what would I find?

Everything from old heavy to the most extreme of death metal but also classical music and some ambient stuff! But if I where to hand you some favourites I guess it would be CD's with MARTYR, CYNIC, MORBID ANGEL, IRON MAIDEN, SUFFOCATION, MONSTROSITY, DEATH, GORGUTS, HATE ETERNAL, EUCHARIST, KING DIAMOND and CANNIBAL CORPSE to mention a bunch!

Which cities have you played?

So far we have done shows in Copenhagen, Karlskrona and Hassleholm! We also did the Gothenburg DeathFest in June!

With which bands have you played?


Outside of playing Metal, what kinds of things do you enjoy doing?

Myself and Bryssling are great video freaks so we watch a lot of flicks; I also spend a lot of time with my computer looking for new great bands out there on the web! Dewerud is also a video guy but he is the kind of sleepy type so he usually lies at home sleeping (laugh) and Karlsson works most of the time because he wants money! But we all like to drink beer and have a blast!

I tried to pull up some songs on the mp3 but no luck. Will you be having your music posted there soon (again)?

There must be something wrong with your system because the mp3s works out fine to download over here! Be sure to get that straightened out because we're about to put up some tunes from the soon to be released album, CABINET!

You just had a new album come out. Have you had it released yet and if so, how are the record sales? Are you pleased?

It will be released around the end of September hopefully! We are very pleased with the final result!

What do you hope to achieve with this latest release?

Don't know really, we just want to share our music with the rest of the world!

Any video releases in the planning?

Yes there are plans for a video but nothing has been shoot yet!

What are the future plans of your band?

Get the album, CABINET, out and tour our asses of! When we're fed up with that we'll head back home and start to focus on a new album!

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