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Interviews Brave

Interview with Scott Loose (Guitars)

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: March 17, 2003

Hailing from Washington DC, Brave are a hard band to slap a label on. While they are inspired by a lot of metal bands, they play a very open kind of progressive folk-rock. Nevertheless they have received a great response from the metal press, and deservedly so. Brave have forged a new, fresh sound with a soulful feel that will appeal to any fan of challenging music. Fronted by the heartfelt vocals of Michelle Loose, Brave are complex yet direct, accessible yet deep. I was lucky enough to get some words via email about the band from founder and guitarist Scott Loose.

Paul:  I understand you're working on the next album right now as we speak, what can you tell us about it? Any idea when it will be released?

Scott:  We are really in the beginning stages of working on the new album.  So far, we have one song that is more or less done.  We have a lot of new ideas though, but they take a while to form into actual songs.


P: You've added some new members since "Searching for the Sun," how did that come about?

S:  Yes, we have had a bit of a line-up change since the album was recorded.  We are no longer working with Chris Welborn on bass and we have added three new members, so we are now a six piece band.  Our first addition was Juan Somarriba on guitars and keys, then Suvo Sur on violin and keys, and finally Ben Kelly on bass guitar.

P: Tell us about the writing process, how does a Brave song come about?  The lyrics on "Searching for the Sun" are really good, who wrote them?

S:  Thanks!  We always write the music first and then my sister sings random phrases until we develop the vocal lines.  After this the lyrics are developed.  Most of the lyrics on "Searching" were written by me and my sister.  Trevor also contributed to some of the lyrics on the album.  As for the music, the songs usually come out of jamming.  Sometimes I'll play guitar or keys until I find something that sounds cool and songs are written that way.

P: What do you think about the positive response you've had from the metal community?  Do you think it's weird, considering Brave aren't really a metal band?

S:  Sometimes it is weird when we get reviewed in extreme metal magazines.  I would think they wouldn't be into our music, but generally the response from the metal audiences and press has been very positive.  I think it makes sense because a lot of our influences are underground metal bands.  All I can say is that I'm appreciative of anyone who is into our music.

P: How much touring did you do for "Searching..."?  Who did you tour with and what was the response like from the fans?

S:  We did a lot of shows around the Washington DC area, which is where we live.  We also went out on our own very low-budget, but fun, tours in the Midwest.  We played Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  We are planning on during more little tours this summer.

P: Brave's music is hard to categorize.  Did you start out aiming for a particular sound, or did it just kind of happen?

S:  I think it just happens with Brave.  We know what we like and it comes together in our own music.  We have a very wide range of influences that can all be heard in our music to some extent.  We also don't write for a particular audience, which is very free, but it can make the music difficult to market.  The real point for us is to write what we feel.

P: On your website you mention that Michelle was initially too shy to even sing while you were in the room.  Quite a jump from there to fronting a band in a live setting.  How did she manage?

S:  She was very shy before and when we recorded our first Arise From Thorns album, we all had to leave the room.  She just had to build up her confidence.  It is a lot different now, but we have played a lot of shows in the last 4-5 years.  I used to have a bit of stage fright too, but I think you realize after a while that even if you fuck up, who cares?

P: How did you hook up with Dark Symphonies?

S:  They approached us a couple of years ago and re-released our album "Before An Audience Of Stars," when we were still called Arise From Thorns.  After this, we did the first Brave EP, "waist deep in dark waters," independently, and then we signed 1 album with DS, which became "searching for the sun."

P: Has "Searching For the Sun" done well?

S:  It has done pretty well.  We have sold quite a few from playing shows and through our website  I think DS has done fairly well with it too.  It will be released in stores throughout the US in April 2003 from a deal negotiated by DS, so I hope that it continues to sell via retail stores.

P: What bands do you enjoy listening to?  Which ones have been inspirational to you?

S:  It has changed quite a bit over the years for me.  Right now, I have been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel, Kitaro, and some old Metallica.  The bands that have been most inspirational to me over the years are:  Anathema, Dead Can Dance, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, old Metallica, Fate's Warning, Queensryche, Peter Gabriel. I know I'm forgetting some.  It has really changed since I was young.  I used to be all about death metal and doom, etc.  I still like some of that stuff, but I feel like it's not very fresh to me anymore.

P: What is it like working so closely with your sister?  Have you always been close?

S:  Yes, my sister and I have always gotten along really well.  We have a very good musical connection too.  We seem to like the same stuff for the most part.  Trevor, Michelle, and I all grew up together, so the band is like a family project.

P: What kind of plans do you have for the future?

S:  We are currently working on a new album and will begin recording in September.  I don't know yet if we are going to release it independently or through someone else.  We are also planning on doing more mini-tours in the summer.

P: Are you involved in any side projects, or is Brave full-time right now?

S:  Brave is definitely full-time, but I also play in an epic doom band called While Heaven Wept.  WHW has just released a full-length through Eibon Records in Italy entitled "Of Empires Forlorn."  Anyone interested in checking this out or getting a copy should email Tom at

P: Is this what you always wanted to do?

S:  Absolutely!  I love writing music.  I really can't imagine life without doing music.  Even if I can't make a career of it, in a monetary sense, I will continue to put out albums.

P: And finally: Is there anything I haven't asked about that you'd like to say?

S:  Please visit our website and check out some of our music samples if you haven't heard Brave before.  The site is  Also, we will have new t-shirts very soon and keep an eye out for the new Brave album that will probably be out in November of 2003.  Thanks a lot for the interview!

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