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Interviews Nightshade

Interview with Nightshade

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: April 3, 2003

In a scene flooded with melodic death metal bands, Nightshade released a fine, visceral album that stood out from the pack with "Wielding the Scythe" I wanted to find out how things were proceeding on a follow-up, and the band was good enough to take time to answer some of my questions.

How is work progressing on the next album? Any news on when it will be released?

Right now the work is going pretty slow because of the line-up changes, but we have 5-6 songs ready for recording. I hope that we can release the album before this year ends.

Looks like the band has been through some lineup changes recently, have you been able to find replacements?

Our drummer just left us so we havenīt got the time to find a replacement. We have found a guitarist that we have rehearsed with and it works fine, but nothing is official yet so I donīt want to talk too much about that.

The music on "Wielding the Scythe" has been compared to In Flames a lot, what do you think of the comparison?

Hmm, I donīt like to label myself nor my musical works, maybe some of our melodies can be In flames related. But that is nothing we are thinking about when we write the music.

What bands do you enjoy? Which have been influential?

Iīm more into the brutal realms of metal, you know bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Cannibal Corpse and that kind of stuff but sometimes I enjoy listening to bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity not very often though.

How much touring have you done for "Wielding the Scythe"? Any good tour stories?

We havenīt toured at all, just some gigs here in Gothenburgh. Last time we played live I got a very intensive adrenaline kick flowing throw my body and I threw away the microphone stand right in the eye on a guy in the audience. Damn, the blood was all over the place..

For those of us unable to lay hands on your demo recordings (ahem) How does the music on "Wielding the Scythe" compare with your older material? What can we expect on the next album?

First of all the songs get better and better I think. Next album will be harder and heavier but still melodic and catchy.

What can you tell us about the songwriting process?

We mostly arrange all the music in the rehersal room together.

Have you had good response playing live? Do you prefer live shows or recording?

The response is overall good I guess. You know, people who bang theire heads and stuff like that. I prefer both playing live and record in the studio in different ways.

How did you hook up with Scarlet records? Has the deal worked out well?

We played live together with Ancient once and theire bassplayer gave scarlet our demo-cd.

Do any of the band members have any side projects?

Yes, I also play bass with Taetre, Christer are invoved in Dragonland. The other guys also have some projects but nothing that have released anything.

What are you thoughts on the whole 'melodic death metal' scene? Do you think it has become overpopulated?

I donīt care that much about that. I just play the music I want to play and let others do what they want too.

And lastly, is there anything I haven't asked about that you would like to say?

Thanks alot for the interview.
See you all in hell.

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