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Interviews Filosa

Interview with Filosa

Interview conducted by MetalMike

Date online: January 28, 2023

Filosa is a heavy metal band based in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. They have been flying the flag of traditional heavy metal since 2016, slowly building up their fanbase and song catalog with a couple of demos and appearing on a few compilations along with playing as many shows as they can. In 2022, they released their debut EP, Al Heavy Metal globally through Bandcamp and Black Legion Records. I grabbed a cassette copy on a Bandcamp Friday and enjoyed it so much, I reached out to the band and they graciously agreed to answer some questions about the band to share with the readers of The Metal Crypt. Read on to learn more about these heavy metal warriors.

Hails Filosa! How are things in Argentina as we begin 2023? Are there still many restrictions due to Covid or are things getting back to normal?

Filosa: Hello, greetings! We are returning to normality. There are still outbreaks of Covid, but there are not as many restrictions as before.

According to Metal Archives, Filosa began in 2016. Can you start us off with a history of the band and how you all came together? Who is currently in the band as of January 2023?

Filosa: We got to know each other at underground band concerts. At one, there was talk of making an all-female band and playing heavy metal. We jammed together and from there we have not stopped.

We have played various concerts and recorded a demo in 2017, two singles in 2019 and an EP in 2022. Currently the band is made up of Gabriela Altamirano on vocals, May Arellano on bass, Yanina Lettera on drums, and Eileen Curri and Sofía Santagelo on guitars.

Which musicians/bands were your inspiration(s) to pick up instruments and play heavy metal? What is it about heavy metal that you find so appealing? Was it hard to find heavy metal music in Argentina when you were young fans?

Filosa: There are many bands that we like and have inspired us. We love Santa and Judas Priest. The genre does not matter, it is more the feeling we get from it. It's a somewhat marginal movement, but you can find heavy metal in Argentina. There are shows, very good bands, people who organize them, and an audience that participates.

Speaking of inspirations, heavy metal has long been a male-dominated field, but more and more women are making waves, which is great to see as diversity means more excellent music for everyone. Who were the women in heavy metal (or music in general) that you looked up to?

Filosa: We love that more women are appearing in the scene. We like Santa, mainly with Azucena. She is pure Heavy Metal.

You have released a couple of demos and have appeared on a couple of splits and now you have your debut EP, Al Heavy Metal, available to the fans. How much of a step forward in terms of your songwriting and performing skills are the songs on the EP? It has received some good reviews in the media so far. What do you like most about it and is there anything you think you could have done differently?

Filosa: The EP is much more thought out than the previous recordings. It took longer to record and during that time we took the opportunity to modify and test ideas.

We like the fans' approval. We had a lot of fun, and we are glad they seem to like it. We would have liked to record the EP faster and compose more new material.

Who writes Filosa's songs? Does everyone in the band contribute or is it only one or two of you who writes the songs?

Filosa: Mayra and Eileen do more of the collaboration and writing of the songs, but every member has ideas and wants to create new songs.

So far, your lyrics have been sung in Spanish. Is singing in your native language important to you or do you not feel comfortable singing in English at this time? What do you like to sing about and where do you get your lyrical inspiration from?

Filosa: Spanish is our language, and it is part of our style. Each person sings it as they see fit. It makes us happy. We also like to do covers in other languages. It's interesting how it sounds depending on the accent.

We vary the theme of our lyrics a lot, and sometimes we are metaphorical. There are songs that talk about heavy metal, about freedom and that nobody has the right to impose upon on you and others that have nothing to do with those things. Perhaps we will have an interpretation of Helen of Troy, of a murderer who only feels anger and revenge in his soul, pirates and things in life.

We are inspired by heavy metal with melody and twin guitars playing harmonized riffs and solos, in the classic style.

Why did you choose to release an EP at this stage of your career rather than a full-length album? Was it a money decision or did it just feel like the right length for a release at this time? Do you have plans for a full-length album soon?

Filosa: An EP is less of a financial expense and it's a different way of recording, more practical for us. It's a good place to start because we didn't have a time limit to record and think about the songs. It was a bit improvised, and it just happened that way. We started recording the first song and the pandemic surprised us. From there it was more difficult to get together and record. Then it took us a while to settle in. We want to make an album with more songs and a rawer sound.

Have you had any interest from record labels wishing to release the EP or perhaps work with you on a full-length album in the future? Al Heavy Metal was released through Bandcamp in digital, CD and cassette formats. Are either of the physical formats still available? Do you have any plans to do a second press of anything that has sold out so fans that missed the first run can grab a copy?

Filosa: We have had several proposals from many people. For now, we have released two editions of Al Heavy Metal, one with Black Legion Records and another with Argentina Thrash Metal and Enterrado Vivo Fanzine. There are some CDs left, and more physical material will come out later.

With Covid restrictions relaxing in many countries (even if Covid hasn't really gone away), bands are able to play live again. Has Filosa been able to play any shows recently? Has the band played outside Argentina?

Filosa: Yes, there have been some shows. The last one was at the beginning of September 2022. We have not yet played outside the country, but we want to.

Which country or countries would you like to play someday? If you could choose your dream live lineup for Filosa to be part of, which bands would also be on the bill with you?

Filosa: Everywhere! Judas Priest would be a unique dream. There are many bands we would love to play with such as Iron Maiden, Accept, Baron Rojo, etc. and also with opening bands that we have shared dates with such as Metaluria, Velocidad 22, Mercurio, and Disidente Inmortal.

Let's say Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are playing Buenos Aires on the same night at the same time. Which show do you go to? If you could go back in time and see any band in their prime, which one would it be?

Filosa: Judas Priest, though it is a very personal question. We each like different things and at the same time we coincide musically. As a band we mainly chose Judas Priest because they are the biggest thing out there. We all agree that they play heavy metal we like, and which inspires us when playing. We would go back to the end of the '70s when heavy metal was born and also the '80s.

What is next for Filosa in 2023 in terms of shows and touring, new material, videos, etc.?

Filosa: We have lots of ideas for adding new songs to the list and recording later on, to be able to tour, beginning with South America.

Is there anything else you like the readers of The Metal Crypt to know that we haven't already covered?

Filosa: We encourage them to listen to our EP. We are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp as Filosa Metal.

Thank you for taking some time to answer these questions and letting our readers know a little more about Filosa! Good luck with Al Heavy Metal and all your future endeavors with the band. If you have any final words, please feel free to share and be sure to let us know where we can keep up with Filosa's activities on social media. Thanks again!

Filosa:Thanks to The Metal Crypt for giving us the time and spreading the word about us. We will be posting updates on our networks. Stand your ground!


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