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Interviews Carnal Forge

Interview with Lars Linden (guitar)

Interview conducted by Barbara Williams (Crowley)

Date online: April 28, 2003

Hailz and how are you guys doing?

Just great.... leaving for the US tour in less than two hours.... Arrggghhhh! Just found that I forgot about this mail.... Sorry!

You just finished touring? How did it go?

If we are talking about the Japanese tour, it was just great. The Japaneese audience is killer and so positive so it was a real kick playing there.

When you play live, do you try to stay close to the studio version or do you like to change things up?

I guess it's pretty close to the studio versions, basically, but of course some harmonies and over dubbing has to go in the bin.

Which songs do you like most playing Live?

Well now it's real fun to play the songs from the new album; yeah, all of them, but we haven't played many of them for a crowd, so we'll see how it works out on the US tour where we play mostly new songs.

What has been one of the greatest experiences when going on tour and playing with other bands?

Coming home again.... haha! Nah! So far Japan has been the greatest tour for me. It was a lot of fun to get all that energy back from the audience.

You just released a new album, "The More You Suffer", this year. Have you had a good response thus far?

So far, just great! Well, overall the reactions have been very positive and it's a step in the right direction. Now the album is out in Europe, Japan and in the US.

Could you please tell us briefly about the lyrical content of the highlights on this album?

Hmmmm, well, it's Jonas who writes all the lyrics and it comes all from his mind. I don't even know what all songs are about.... but I guess it's like on the other albums; he takes out his anger and frustrations about people and the world in general...

How is your latest album different compared to your previous ones?

Well, I think it's more varied, in arrangements, in songs compared with each other, in pace, in the vocals, it got a little more melodies.

I like your album design. Whose idea was it?

Thanx. Well it was my idea and it was I who made the artwork.

You released your first album shortly after your demo came out and Wrong Again Records picked you up after in no time at all; what do you think is it about your sound that did that for you?

Well, I guess that deal was worked out already, but that was before I joined the band so I'm sorry to say that I don't know.

What would you say is the most prominent instrument in your band?

The guitars. We have actually four guitarists in the band.

How do you pick your instruments? Do you have or hope to have endorsements?

No endorsements right now, but, yea, we'll have to work on that. We just try whatever comes in our way, or if someone recommends something.

Do you consciously think about staying in the Carnal Forge style or music? As a musician, do you play other sorts of music on the side or is this your 100% musical taste?

Yes, with Carnal Forge! But I like all kinds of music and songs in different styles. But Carnal will stay Carnal...

How do you get the inspiration for your writing?

Don't know; it's just there. It comes and goes, so I have to grab the moments.... I just have to write...

How would you describe your music? Who have been your role models?

Intense Thrash! ehhhhh hard question... I guess Slayer is one of them, but I grew up listening to everything from the seventies hard rock to classical to pop, and then came the bay area thrash wave that kinda broadened the horizon....

When did you start playing and how old were you when you became interested in metal?

Started to collect Deep Purple albums when I was 6 or 7 something, joined my first band when I was 16; guess I started to play when I was 14-15...

Are you self-taught or had you taken formal lessons?

I'm self taught.

How is the music and being Carnal Forge connected with the person you are? Is your band image a reflection of you or completely separate?

Yes and no, but on the other hand we don't have a band image.

Besides Metal, what other types of music do you listen to?

You name it.... anything almost.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Any cool books, movies, drinks or other stuff you would like to recommend?

Spare time what is that? I've heard people talk about it. I spend almost all my time doing something for or with Carnal Forge. When I'm not, I work as an engineer and producer in a studio here in Västerås or I’m working on some website or album artwork, or I’m helping other bands to get signed etc. I'm useless when it comes to recommending movies.... hardly ever have the time to watch anything. For drinks.... anything with alcohol is nice.

Have you gotten any gifts from fans?

No not really.... send 'em in! No checks just cash!

Who is your audience?

Maniacs like ourselves....

How do you see yourself as a role model (or idol) to many young people who listen to and who get into your music?

I guess I never thought of myself like that before.

What holds your band together and what are the future plans of your band?

Rage.... we all love to write and play music! Well, touring the US now in April- June, write some material in the summer and the do the European tour in the fall with Exodus and Nuclear Assault. Hopefully go back to Japan again and then start to prepare the next album.

Any last words to fans?

Check out our new album, buy it, love it, and come to the shows and go crazy!!!!!!

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