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Review: The Spawn of Satan/Bloodsick - Split CD
The Spawn of Satan
Split CD

Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 35:32
Tracks: 10
Genre: Thrash Metal


Review online: July 30, 2003
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
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Rated 3/5 (60%) (6 Votes)

Yet again I have another example of why you don't judge a band by their cover or band name. I got this promo about a week ago and just from the cover art and band name alone I simply discounted it as a aggressive black metal album with tons of blast beats and no real difference from a ton of other bands out there. Of course if I would have read the attached description I could have noticed that this was actually some kick ass thrash metal but I make it a rule to never read the press blurb until I have actually listened to the CD to keep myself from being swayed by what they have to say. Hell, according to every press blurb I have ever read EVERY band is the greatest thing ever and will change the face of metal music as we now know it…heh.

OK, enough of the rambling bullshit, lets get down to business. I finally listened to this disc after having it for a couple of day and since that time I swear I couldn't pry it out of the CD player with a damn crowbar. The first half of the disc is Spawn of Satan which is made up of members of other bands. You have Jim Sadist on vocals from the band Nun Slaughter as well as members from the band Soulless (Check out their album "Agony's Lament", it is a killer disc!), All that is Evil and Decrepit. These members have come together to form one KICK ASS thrash metal band that is very reminiscent of the old Bay Area sound (which is never a bad thing in my opinion). Absolutely killer riffs and melody lines over the top dominate these five songs and get you displaying your extreme air guitar technique before you even know it. The vocals are more in a death metal style growl and that is the only thing that I would really want changed since the growling style really didn't fit as well as a traditional style thrash vocalist would have but that really is a minor complaint. The songs are really well written with more than a few tempo changes and the aforementioned riffs that really add a lot to the overall feel.

The second half of the disc is the band Bloodsick which started back in 1996. Oddly enough this band is actually not even active…well let me clarify. The band name is no longer active since this is the band that has since morphed into the band Soulless. Listening to this you can certainly hear where Soulless has taken the thrash metal beginnings and have taken it to another level. It is interesting to hear where this band originally got its start but I think but I think I would have liked this more if I wouldn't have already heard the Soulless album "Agony's Lament" (which again is a killer thrash album…go buy it!). Either way it is OK stuff just not on par with the first half of this disc or what they are currently doing.

Overall a pretty damn fine split CD which is usually pretty rare. Well worth the time and effort to check them out. Now I just have to keep an eye out for a full length from Spawn of Satan…I get the feeling I might kind of like it…heh.

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