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Review: Mob Rules - Beast Reborn
Mob Rules
Beast Reborn

Label: Steamhammer
Year released: 2018
Duration: 57:32
Tracks: 11
Genre: Power Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: September 12, 2018
Reviewed by: MetalMike
Readers Rating
Beast Reborn

Rated 3.63/5 (72.5%) (8 Votes)

Ah, Mob Rules, once a speedy, "happy" power metal clone, now a mature, melodic metal institution is back with their ninth album, Beast Reborn. It reminds me a lot of their last effort, Tales from Beyond, easily one of the best releases, in both style and mood. There are upbeat, speedy (but not super-fast) cuts like "Ghost of a Chance" and "Traveler in Time", moodier tracks like "Revenant of the Sea" and mid-paced anthems such as "Children's Crusade". All feature excellent riffs, just the right amount of keyboard embellishment and the sweet vocals lines that have become a Mob Rules hallmark. I especially like "War of Currents", Beast Reborn's "epic" track that recounts the war between Edison and his direct current approach to providing electricity in the early 20th century and Tesla's alternating current, which eventually proved to be the superior solution.

Where Beast Reborn is a bit of a letdown is how "safe" it is. It mirrors the formula of Tales from Beyond to a tee and doesn't waver even a little bit, so it lacks anything exciting like a double-kick blast from the past or some different or unique instrumentation. This is in no way a knock on what is a well written and finely executed album, just an acknowledgement that Mob Rules have done better. That said, Beast Reborn is high-quality melodic/power metal and can be purchased safely by fans of both the band and the style.

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