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Review: Silver Bullet - Mooncult
Silver Bullet

Label: Reaper Entertainment
Year released: 2019
Duration: 55:47
Tracks: 12
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4.75/5

Review online: February 23, 2019
Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
Readers Rating

Rated 4.8/5 (96%) (5 Votes)

Yes, Finland is full of lakes, forests and thousands of drunken dorks. Everyone knows that by now. Also, it should not come as a surprise that this northern European country is also known for its—perhaps not thousands but dozens of—great quality and diverse sounding metal bands.

There's always been something cooking and bubbling hard in the Finnish underground scene, and something good always comes out of this "well-cooked in Finland" cauldron, these five hooded monks/priests in Silver Bullet being a perfect example. And when symphonic heavy metal with a dark medieval theme is the band's concept, we may talk quite a winner here, at least on paper.

Mooncult is the title of these Finns' second album and, Holy Mother Mary of God, what a robust, bombastic and incredibly well-executed album it truly is!!! It hit me hard and I could even say that I was instantly blown away by it right off the bat, which is truly rare for the picky bastard that I am nowadays.

Everything on this album simply clicks and rocks: the vocals, the riffs, the musicianship, the pure ability to build up such a musically highly dramatic, dark and powerful stronghold requires TRUE talent and years background and experience (the guys' past connections are in such names as Dirge Eternal, Turisas, Blind Stare and Dreamtale).

The musical diversity of the songs is what makes Mooncult such an exceptional work. Thrashy, explosive and dark-ish stirring seas of riffs akin to the Iced Earth school give the album a much sharper edge, accompanied with some bombastic orchestrated parts ("Maiden, Mother and Crone"). Also, I cannot but admire and adore a song like "Light the Lanterns (Scavengers of Death)"), which reminds me of Candlemass' eeriness and epicness as well as Iced Earth's more melodic and darker moments (Burnt Offerings, anyone?). Now, speaking about those darker moments, I cannot help myself but give my undivided praise to such soul-possessing anthems as "The Witches Hammer" and "Burn the Witch" that are both pure gold in every way in the red-hot world of heavy metal. "Eternity in Hell" is another so-called showstopper; absolutely creepy and haunting by its mesmerizing atmosphere, containing some truly outstanding vocal acrobatics by Nils Nordling. For neoclassical metal freaks, you get "Battle of Shadows", which is catchy as fuck, bringing the already defunct Finns Virtuocity in mind every now and then. For speed freaks and power metal maniacs, "She Holds the Greatest Promise" is the one that offers some busy moments. "Forever Lost", is one hell of a melancholic, singalong type of song which connects all the pirates of the seas together for one big, humming choir for sure.

Mooncult is a frighteningly powerful and supercharged record; the kind of an album you wouldn't let your daughter go out on a date with!!

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