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Review: RAM - The Throne Within
The Throne Within

Label: Metal Blade Records
Year released: 2019
Duration: 49:00
Tracks: 9
Genre: Heavy Metal


Review online: September 19, 2019
Reviewed by: Bruno Medeiros
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Rated 4.77/5 (95.38%) (13 Votes)

RAM are, in my opinion, perhaps the most successful NWOTHM in terms of paying homage to the traditional metal heydays, ranging from good efforts like Death (2012) to monstrous albums such as Lightbringer (2009) and Svbversvm (2015), not to mention their already recognizable "mascot", which is something rare these days. The Throne Within follows the same road that 2017's Rod traveled, being it musical or songwriting-wise.

With some heavy Judas Priest elements in the riff department, a cheesy, yet highly skilled instrumentality and—most importantly—a full '80s attitude, the Swedes start their new endeavor like they ended their last: with a bang. "The Shadow Work" drinks from the Tipton/Downing fountain while Oscar Carlquist's almost unique vocal evokes the 1980s like no else.

The fun, thrilling and no frills "Blades of Betrayal", next song here, is probably one of the best ways to introduce RAM to someone. The high-tempo and simplistic, yet deep style of playing are the epitome of what the band does since its inception; not to mention the awesome video released for the song, which shows the band kidnapping a reviewer and slapping some metal sense in him.

Other tracks like "Fang and Fur", "Violence (Is Golden)" and "No Refuge" provide great support in the middle of the album and take further steps into the NWOBHM and traditional metal in general's realms. The atmosphere here is perfectly crafted to feel like you're listening to a 1980s vinyl with spectacular analog production.

That atmosphere floods to the rest of the songs in the album, and even in the most experimental moments it all fits well. One thing that RAM always stood for and is even more evident here is the will to play unpretentious, kick-ass metal without the need to sound intelligent, erudite or pompous.

Combining the shredding abilities of Harry Granroth and Martin Jonsson, clean support by the duo Morgan Petterson (drums) and Tobias Petterson (bass) and the high-pitched screams of frontman Oscar Carlquist with some welcomed ode to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and even King Diamond, these Swedish metallers are more and more differentiating themselves from the seas of Enforcers, Skull Fists and Strikers of the NWOTHM movement. The Throne Within is once again a great effort by RAM, a band that is skyrocketing to the top of the chain. As the reviewer in the video for "Blades of Betrayal" wisely states, "when Maiden and Priest are gone, don't fear, RAM is still here"!

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