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Review: In Flames - Trigger
In Flames

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year released: 2003
Tracks: 5
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


Review online: November 9, 2003
Reviewed by: Brad Allis
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Rated 1.78/5 (35.65%) (23 Votes)

An EP to tide fans over until the new CD comes out in 2004. This really isn't essential to anyone who isn't an In Flames completionist. There is some new material (sort of) but nothing you can't live without.

The first track is an edited version of Trigger, a very good song off the Reroute to Remain CD. The edit shortens it a bit I guess, but frankly, I didn't notice much. Watch Them Feed is an unreleased track that is pretty darn good. Less keyboardy than most of the Reroute stuff. For fans of the older stuff, it isn't necessarily a return to Colony, but it is heavy.

Next In Flames covers Genesis' Land of Confusion with mixed results. It is fun as a novelty the first few listens, but it really doesn't hold up as an addition to their body of work. They mix a variety of vocal styles that doesn't work. They do give the bland riffs from the original some much needed punch.

Whoever told In Flames that a dance remix of Cloud Connected was a good idea, should have their head examined. Every thing about the remix does not work, yet I find myself strangely enjoying it. Honestly, it is not too different from the original save for some added dance beats. Like Land of Confusion it is a novelty that really doesn't hold up after repeated listens.

The final audio track is the most bizzare. It is a remake of Moonshield made to sound like music from a Comodore 64 game. It's strange and fun to listen to once, but it is not something a metal head, or any music fan really would pop in.

The two video clips are nice additions. Trigger is a performance piece in a small club with the guys from Soilwork looking tough in the crowd. Apparently they are none too pleased that In Flames threw snowballs at them before heading to the show. Cloud Connected is another performance video set in some kind of ruined temple or something with some Matrix-y special effects.

All in all this is a diverse EP that will really only appeal to In Flames die hards and completionists.

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