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Review: Omniarch - Omniarch

Label: Independent
Year released: 2020
Duration: 37:45
Tracks: 7
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: April 10, 2020
Reviewed by: Mjölnir
Readers Rating

Rated 3/5 (60%) (4 Votes)

Formed from the ashes of the bands Netherward and This is War, Omniarch are an ambitious Melodic Death Metal act that are clearly reaching for an individual sound on their self-titled debut. They're much more technical and progressive than most Melodeath bothers with, sporting songs that are held up by tight rhythm work and twisting arrangements that aren't always as smooth or clever as they want them to be. The real selling point for this band is their lead work, which is sharp, inventive, and sometimes downright gorgeous, making the best parts of this album the ones where everyone stands back and lets them shine through. This brings me to the biggest drawback of this band, which is the terrible vocals of Mackenzie LaHaye. When he growls in a lower register he sounds fine, but he's more interested in that irritating, pedantic yap you often hear in Melodeath while occasionally employing some iffy clean singing and some absolutely horrible core-styled yelling, which all comes together to rob the momentum of otherwise fine songs like "A Voracious Awakening" and album closer "Ursa Major". These guys could make some ace material if they got a better singer and wrote songs to match the quality of their lead work, but for now they remain a flawed but promising young band.

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