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Review: Terrifiant - Terrifiant

Label: Gates of Hell Records
Year released: 2020
Duration: 36:37
Tracks: 7
Genre: Speed Metal


Review online: March 17, 2021
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
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Rated 3/5 (60%) (3 Votes)

I don't have a lot of background info about this band other than what I could glean from Encyclopaedia Metallum. This is the debut album from this Speed Metal band out of Belgium. They are more than just Speed Metal as they mix in a good dose of old-school epic sounding Traditional Metal as well, which adds a dose of variety. If ever I was going to run across an album that I equally absolutely love and absolutely hate, this is the one.

The album kicks in with an intro track. I normally absolutely hate that with a passion, but we recently had a discussion in the forum about this and someone pointed out it could be the song that some bands used to open a show. If I listen to it in that context, this is a perfect intro to start a show. Very epic and bombastic feel that leads perfectly into the first track of the album. "Devil in Transport" kicks in with a great riff and that great speed metal drumming that is equal parts aggression and groove. Then it happens.... this errant high pitch, almost discordant, quick scream. I think to myself, "Oh please no..." and then it comes back. I can listen to just about ANY vocal delivery from the lowest guttural brand of Death or Grind Metal to the highest high of opera-style vocals in Power Metal and just about anything in between. This, however, just hits me right behind the jawline and makes my teeth hurt. Honestly, it gives me the same reaction as hearing someone scratching a chalkboard. It really is a shame because I absolutely love the music here. The entire album is just littered with one great riff after another and the drums and bass are in lockstep going for the ride while adding flourishes of their own. This album is just filled with energy from the beginning to the end. Through it all, unfortunately, I just can't get past the vocals. I think what really hurts is how far in the front the vocals are in the mix. Almost like they are trying to showcase them.

I should also mention I listened to the album via Spotify, which did not have the Pat Benatar cover song, "Heartbreaker", at the end. This is actually a very good album and the vocal issue could very well be an issue that others will not have and if that's the case you will love this album. It just isn't for me.

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