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Review: Truppensturm - Salute to the Iron Emperors
Salute to the Iron Emperors

Label: Van Records
Year released: 2010
Duration: 34:49
Tracks: 12
Genre: Black/Death


Review online: June 20, 2021
Reviewed by: Mjölnir
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Rated 4/5 (80%) (8 Votes)

Truppensturm (roughly German for Storm of Troops) are among the many Black/Death acts that are often referred to as War Metal, which is basically a particularly aggressive and speedy variant of the style where ferocity and intensity come first, and quality musicianship is strictly optional. The band stands out a bit from its competition by having none other than Alexander von Melinwald as their drummer, and this project really lets him play a lot more directly and aggressively than he does in The Ruins of Beverast (or did, for they've been inactive since 2014). Other than that, Salute to the Iron Emporers is about what you'd expect, being mostly composed of dirty, blasting riffs, endlessly ferocious drum work, and murky, guttural howls, all of which don't so much stand out as distinct entities in their own right as much as they do combine to create a nonstop cacophony of chaos and hatred. That's all pretty standard for the style, but Truppensturm just do it better than most by dint of being better performers and even slowing down enough for eerie sound clips and a few doomy sections that wouldn't be too out of place in Melinwald's main band to give it more atmosphere than you tend to find. Still, this is War Metal through and through, meaning it's dedicated to relentless, almost mindless barbaric blasting above all else, and overall it's a damn good example of how it's done. Recommended.

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