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Review: Running Wild - Black Hand Inn
Running Wild
Black Hand Inn

Label: EMI
Year released: 1994
Duration: 66:11
Tracks: 11
Genre: Heavy Metal


Review online: February 6, 2004
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
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Rated 4.72/5 (94.46%) (101 Votes)

It's more or less customary to make some kind of nautical reference in a Running Wild review, so I shall get it out of the way right up front: Arrrr ye scurvy dogs, all hands belay the starboard wench. There, now on to the music. RW don't really need an introduction, as they have been punching out their brand of kick-ass heavy metal for 20 years now, so I'll assume everyone has at least heard of them.

If you know this band, then don't worry about it – this is the same album they have been putting out since "Under Jolly Roger" in '87. There are no surprises here for the longtime fan, but I will not this is the first really good production job the band managed to get, and if for that reason alone this is a better CD than the ones before it. The songwriting is as strong as ever, and there are many who have claimed this album as Running Wild's best work. Not having heard them all, I can't really say about that, but I will say that this does indeed apply some serious sea-boot to ass.

For those who have never actually heard RW, then this is a good album to kick off with. This is good old metal in the Grave Digger/Paragon/Accept mode with awesome riffs that will get your head a-flailing in no time. Rock N Rolf's tuneful shout is as good as ever, and there are no bad songs at all to be found. The title cut, the headstomping "Mr Deadhead", "The Privateer" – just one killer cut after another. Even the 15+ minute closing epic "Genesis" doesn't wear out its welcome. The second half of the album does kind of run together a bit, but the fun never stops.

So those who would say this is Running Wild's best album will find no argument from me. "Black Hand Inn" rules from start to finish. For fist-pumping, leather-and-spikes Heavy Metal that never pusses out, look no further. Avast, and I mean that.

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