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Review: Volkeinblucht - To Consume the Darkness Whole
To Consume the Darkness Whole

Label: Graveless Slumber Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 52:03
Tracks: 10
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: February 11, 2004
Reviewed by: Chaossphere
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To Consume the Darkness Whole

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Hatred. Pure, unadulterated and unfiltered, it's one of the most powerful emotions known to mankind. A great man once wrote that we are at our most human when we hate. Well, something like that, maybe he mentioned killing too ;) Anyway, Volkeinblucht's particular brand of raw, vicious black metal absolutely oozes hate. You can feel it pouring from the speakers like a black, thick substance, bleeding from the music like clotted blood in an open wound. The sound here is primal ambience channelled through fast, strumming tremolo chord-abuse, driven by an unrelenting drum machine, topped off by a snarling, spitting voice. Those looking for uplifting epic classicist melody will have to look elsewhere. This is certainly melodic, but only in the sense that it uses melody as another weapon with which to hurt you.

Comparisons to Darkthrone's meisterwork of cold, grim monotony "Transilvanian Hunger" are all too easy to throw around when describing this album. The similarity is certainly evident immediately: the ambient structures, unrelenting rhythmic pulse and an atmosphere that evokes a purely frozen, lifeless feel are all there, but this is much angrier and less melancholic. Instead, this floats halfway between the aforementioned sound and the nasty, unhinged chaos of second wave pioneers such as Beherit and Sarcofago - there's a certain unhinged feel despite the precise nature of the instrumentation. Being a one-man band, Volkeinblucht sound infinitely more unified than Beherit, yet the comparison still holds water. Particularly of note here is the second track, "Eternal Fallicy" (sic), which has a main riff that sticks right in your brain, and the initial conclusion of the closing onslaught "The Joining", where the drum track initially seems conspicuous in its absence, before the blazing riff fades and is taken over by a completely different attack.

As I mentioned before, if you want black metal to caress your ears with pleasant ear-candy, then stay the fuck away from this, because it'll scare your candy ass back to the nursery. On the other hand, if you wish to be brutalized and aurally raped by a seething misanthropic nightmare pressed to plastic, then by all means invest. Disappointment is not an option.

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