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Review: Floridian Hippies - Fuel Injected
Floridian Hippies
Fuel Injected

Label: Independent
Year released: 2022
Duration: 12:25
Tracks: 5
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: April 18, 2022
Reviewed by: Mjölnir
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Rated 3.88/5 (77.5%) (8 Votes)

I'll start out by giving full disclosure and saying I happen to know band leader Arwo Männikkö and that we have a very healthy relationship of insulting each other's music tastes and countries regularly. That said, I am in no way above making a child cry with my reviews, so don't take this as me being positive simply for the association. Case in point, I heard the instrumental demo he released to YouTube last year and, while I thought it showed some potential, I also felt the songwriting could use some polish and that the whole thing desperately needed vocals to give it some depth. As it turns out, Floridian Hippies' latest EP, Fuel Injected, does both of those things, and it makes for the official arrival of one of the more promising bands I've heard in a while.

The name might make you think this is some kind of jokey Grind act, but Floridian Hippies are all about old-school Finnish Death Metal in the vein of ancient greats like Disgrace and early Xysma. That makes for a sound that has a kick of Grind in the energy and general brevity of the songs, but is largely predicated on the kind of churning, filthy riffs, grimy production values, and lack of interest in doing anything besides being ugly and abrasive that practically defines the style. While a lot of bands drawing from this well try hard to be serious and dark, Floridian Hippies stand out by having a sense of fun to their songwriting that you don't often see, most evidently on the ripping title track and the brief, blistering "Napalm Hippies". That's not to say they can't slow down and get more menacing, as they prove on the sinister crawl of "Blues for the Cosmos", but no matter what they do, it's always done with an understanding and reverence of the oldest days of the Finnish scene that you don't see too often.

Fans of old-school Finnish Death Metal will want to give this a listen, along with anyone who loves their Death Metal to be as entertaining as it is disgusting. As for the detractors, the best I can say is run for your lives, because the Floridian Hippies are hurtling down the highway to splatter your candy ass across the road.

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