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Review: Serpens Aeon - Dawn Of Kouatl
Serpens Aeon
Dawn Of Kouatl

Label: Moribund Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 36:35
Tracks: 8
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: May 2, 2004
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Dawn Of Kouatl

Rated 4/5 (80%) (12 Votes)

I had these guys recommended by Kevin of Funeral Age a while back, but I finally managed to get ahold of this just last week. As part of this new crop of Seattle bands, it should be no surprise that Serpens Aeon play brutal Death Metal, but it may surprise you just how good they are, because these guys are very cool.

Serpens Aeon play old-school Death Metal that sounds a lot like Angel Corpse, with a little bit of The Chasm thrown in for good measure. (No shock there, as two bandmembers are ex-members of The Chasm) This is not as musically adventurous as The Chasm, nor quite as furious as Angel Corpse, but this is some killer shit nonetheless. These guys have a melodic, midpaced style that doesn't rely on clickety-clickety double bass for its impact. The guitarwork here is very good, with some beautiful riffs and leads on crushers like "Winds Of Hate" and the awesome "Nectar". Vocals are the standard type of deathgrowl, but you can actually make out the lyrics some of the time – which is good, as they didn't include them in the minimal booklet.

The cover art is cool, if a bit rough. I like the underground look though. The production is perfect—not too clean, just a bit raw—a LOT like the production Angel Corpse had on "The Inexorable", which to me is a very, very good thing, considering my love for the Angel Corpse of old.

My only real beef with this CD is it is too damned short: even with the unnamed bonus cut this disc is under 40 minutes, and that's not nearly long enough for music this cool. Serpens Aeon may not be breaking new ground, but they crank out some highly enjoyable stuff here. These guys are definitely a band to watch, and I would put them with Funeral Age and Horned God on the list of new Death bands that are going places. I guarantee that no Death Metal fan who buys this album will be disappointed. "Dawn Of Kouatl" is a gem of a release that you should not miss.

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