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Review: Freedom Call - Stairway To Fairyland
Freedom Call
Stairway To Fairyland

Label: SPV
Year released: 1999
Duration: 55:09
Tracks: 10
Genre: Power Metal


Review online: December 7, 1999
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Rated 4.15/5 (83.08%) (39 Votes)

Well, I tried, I really did, and I failed.  I couldn't find anything wrong with this album (except maybe the fact that it's only 55m 9s long! :))

Stairway To Fairyland is the debut album of Germany's Freedom Call, a melodic speed-metal band.  I have to say that this is one, if not THE best metal album of 1999 (at least when compared to all those I've listened to - and there were a lot.)

This is an album you don't quickly get tired of listening to.  In my case, I found it only "good" the first time I listened to it.  A few days later I was working on the computer, listening to it in the background.  I suddenly stopped working, looked at my speaker and said WOW!  (freaking out the cat in the process. :))  This is really something.

This band's talent, both vocally and musically, can be felt for the whole duration of the album, it's as simple as that.  You get the whole nine yards: speedy songs, ballads, hymns, or slow-starting songs that knock you out by going full-speed ahead after a minute or two.  And as if this wasn't enough, the album has a very positive feel to it, both musically and lyrically (feel-good album of the year? :)) The booklet is also a work of art, which seems to be a tradition amongst melodic metal bands.  It's hard to put those feelings into words, you really have to listen to it.

Fans of bands such as Hammerfall and Rhapsody will surely love this stuff, and I absolutely recommend it to any metal fans.  In fact, I also recommend it to those who are more into hard/heavy rock but don't mind trying speedier stuff.

I'm trying to get some more information about Freedom Call, but their web site is presently only in German (yep.. I should really try that Berlitz German CD-ROM.)  There is a link for English but it is not enabled, so hopefully it will soon be translated.

You metalheads have no reason not to have this album!  It's easily available (from the 3 affiliate online stores listed above, among others), in fact I found mine in a record store.  It is not an import title, so the price is right.

A great relief after such 1999 deceptions as Megadeth's Risk or Metallica's S & M.  Metal is alive and well, despite the sell-outs.

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