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Review: Wolfnacht - Night Of The Werewolf
Night Of The Werewolf

Label: Battlefield Records
Year released: 2002
Duration: 31:01
Tracks: 8
Genre: NS Black Metal


Review online: June 20, 2004
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
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Rated 2/5 (40%) (17 Votes)

Lessee, we got lots of German in the booklet, some ranting about the ZOG in the liner notes, and songs about wishing death on Jews. Yep, we got us an NSBM band here. This was just something I grabbed because it looked cool. This was the second album Wolfnacht put out, and I am not sure if they are still around, though they did release another one last year, so it is certainly possible.

This is pretty raw here, folks. The guitar sound is actually pretty cool—nice and dirty and mean. The vocals are the expected growl, but so heavily processed they sound like a caricature of a cartoon villain. Songwriting-wise, this is so shitty it's actually entertaining. These guys are extremely simplistic, like they have a commandment "Only one riff per song! More than one riff per song is not kvlt!" At times this makes them sound like some kind of Black Metal version of Nirvana. The title cut is actually pretty cool, in a stupid way, complete with awful fake wolf-howls on every chorus. In fact none of the original songs here are that bad, just extremely simple. But on a 31 minute album you get an intro, an "outro" (as far as I know "Outroduction" is not a real word.) and 2 cover songs which both pretty much suck. So this is a 'full-length' album with 4 real songs on it, which is so sad it's almost insulting.

I'm not rating this badly because it's a disc by an NS band, no. I'm rating this because it just isn't very good. There are some enjoyable moments on this CD, but moments is all they are. A few good riffs cannot save an entire album, even one as scanty as this. Trust me when I say your money is better spent elsewhere.

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