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Classic Review: Running Wild - Death Or Glory
Running Wild
Death Or Glory

Label: Noise Records
Year released: 1999
Duration: 72:32
Tracks: 15
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: September 6, 2004
Reviewed by: Zarzak
Readers Rating
Death Or Glory

Rated 4.52/5 (90.35%) (85 Votes)

I'll start off pointing out the oddity that is the "bonus track" listing. On the back of the CD case, it lists the Bonus tracks in the incorrect order, I have fixed the order below as they appear on the CD. Tisk Tisk Rock'n Rolf, you musta been drinking too much pirate ale :)

Anyways, this was my first Running Wild album, and really shouldn't matter, because the difference between this album or any other in th RW cataloge are minimal. Now while its usually painful to make a Manowar comparison, this is how you can be consistent, true to your roots, and pure Heavy Metal without the overblown egos and simplistic riffs and beats. Running Wild, or rather Rolf Kasparek, should be commended on the commitment he has to his style and vision.

This album rocks. Plain and simply. Its still probably my favorite RW album. What I think sets this album above others in their catalog is the diversity in the arrangements within songs. While other RW albums can sometimes run together by sounding the same, this album has very few of those moments, and is actually a pretty complex album, especially riffically (hehe new word). Rofl really pulls out the stops with the great riffs on this album, and I enjoy the drums, although the sound isn't the greatest.

The opening track is just killer. With insanely catchy riffs left and right. The following tracks are all fantastic as well. Special props to the howling of the chorus on "Running Bood", Rolf just sounds so awesome here. Marooned is catchy...hell so are all the following songs. But the highlight of the album, is definitely Battle Of Waterloo. This is probably one of my favorite songs. With an awesome intro, amazing riffs, awesome solos, super catchy chorus. This song has everything. Some of the parts of the song remind me of Thin Lizzy in thier prime, with awesome interplay between the two guitarists and the bassist. Its a must listen to song.

The downsides to this album, is again its rather poor production. The instrumental Highland Glory isn't anything special, and I always skip it thanks to its annoyingness. "Bad To The Bone" is pretty generic, and goofy...Not enjoyable for me.

"March On" doesn't really go anywhere and is just sort of "there" as a filler...

The bonus tracks are all good, but nothing overly special.

Overall, great album, must buy. Pirate Metal at its best......wait isn't it the only pirate metal? lol

Additional Information

Originally released in 1989

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