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Review: Vidres A La Sang - Vidres A La Sang
Vidres A La Sang
Vidres A La Sang

Label: Xtreem Music
Year released: 2004
Duration: 35:00
Tracks: 6
Genre: Death/Black


Review online: September 6, 2004
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Rated 3.91/5 (78.18%) (11 Votes)

Well well well, what do we have here. Something that stands out for a change. :) Vidres A La Sang are a Spanish band playing blackened death metal - think of a cross between say, Morbid Angel, and later Immortal (At The Heart Of Winter and later.) To make things a bit more exotic, the lyrics are in their native language, Catalonian, and are based on the works of a Catalonian poet. Note that, the vocal style being mostly death growls, one would be hard pressed to make out anything out of this, so in the end it's not that noticeable that they sing in a language - at least to my ears. The vocalists switches to a more black-ish style here and there, however.

The first thing that hits the listener on this album is the sound quality - everything is clear, especially the drums which is a good thing because there's some interesting drum work here. Here's a drummer who's not afraid of beating the living crap out of his drum kit while at the same time keeping things interesting with some quite diverse drum patterns (OK, in a couple of places he reverts to a more standard monotone skin bashing, but overall I'd say this is the most interesting death metal drumming I've heard in a while.) The guitars are also quite captivating, mixing an hyper-speed death metal style with some late Immortal riffage plus a few solos reminiscent of more classic heavy metal.

"Good songs all over" is the short description of this album - one I wouldn't mind being 5-10 minutes longer. Vidres A La Sang are not exactly making big innovations in the genre, but they have a good sound and know how to write good songs. Let's hope for more good stuff coming from these guys in the future.

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