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Classic Review: Paradise Lost - Gothic
Paradise Lost

Label: Peaceville Records
Year released: 1991
Duration: 39:26
Tracks: 10
Genre: Gothic Metal


Review online: September 23, 2004
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
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Rated 4.71/5 (94.29%) (28 Votes)

Paradise Lost (n.) – Gothic Metal!

Crushing! Heavy! Melancholic! Gloomy as hell! The album that started it all and paved way for virtually every other Goth Metal band out there to follow. Granted Paradise Lost's follow up to this one – "Icon" is far more influential in terms of defining the Goth Metal sound of today, this album was the basic foundation for that sound. However, this is more along the lines of doom/death because it is crushingly heavy, slow and melancholic and has death grunts and growls all over the place. Even the female vocals on this album have a certain depressing and dark aroma to them and unlike the pretty little pop star type of female vocals present in some of the Gothic bands of today.

It is difficult not to like this album, as "Gothic" showcases every single element (except for maybe blistering speed) that metal is praised for. Ingenuity, heaviness, experimentation, dark, atmosphere, brutality, melancholy, technically proficient musicianship, hooks and melodies to draw you into a world created by the artists performing it. The only flaw with this album is that it sounds like 4 really, really long tracks. It feels like many of the songs are very similar to each other. They are awesome songs, but don't differentiate much from each other – something Paradise Lost managed to fix on their 1993 follow up "Icon". But that album was not as good overall as this one.

Anyway…highly recommended for metallers of all kinds!

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