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Classic Review: Morgana Lefay - Past, Present, Future
Morgana Lefay
Past, Present, Future

Label: Black Mark Productions
Year released: 1995
Duration: 69:33
Tracks: 11
Genre: Progressive Doom Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: October 19, 2004
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
Readers Rating
Past, Present, Future

Rated 3.8/5 (76%) (5 Votes)

Progressive Metal and Doom Metal are without a doubt THE most difficult genres in metal from the songwriting aspect; because if the music is not extremely well written or brilliant, then chances are that the vast majority of listeners will get bored, or lost and start skipping tracks. Patience is the greatest attribute of a prog-head or a doom lover. And a 5/5 rating from an impatient fuck like myself who appreciates neither of these difficult genres must mean that this album delivers something that keeps the listener's attention. No matter how long or technical, dismal or gloomy the music might get.

This is something of a compilation disc, but not exactly. It features some old songs and some brand new ones (brand new in 1995 that is). Compilation disc or not, this is a true gem. The overall feeling to the album is again very dark, but this time, MG decided to write and compile only slow and depressing tracks. And I mean VERY slow songs! No song on here actually picks up before reaching around the 2 minute mark when the first signs of distortion or drums start to emerge. Nearly every song starts out with an acoustic piece and vocals. Then the slow and crushing riffs come down at you and the song generally takes new form. Going from extremely slow, to normal slow, or mid-tempo sometimes (yay! ;). Very dark and epic at the same time.

This is not exactly doom metal though. All the songs can be classified as power ballads actually. But they all have a very strong doomy feel to them as they get pretty damn heavy for ballads and very depressing for power metal. But the vocals are more in line with what you would expect from a prog/power metal band. Close comparisons to this sound would be bands such as Solstice or maybe even a bit of Memory Garden. But both these bands lack this level of sheer musical talent and vocal power present on this record.

If nothing at all, I urge all metalheads to at least try to download songs such as "Sculptures of Pain" or the magnificent "Sorrow Calls". These two tracks are in my books, a demonstration of metal brilliance in its highest form. I wish every band out there could write a killer riff/solo combination such as the one on "Sorrow Calls"! Who says you can't headbang to slow music?

Now…The ABBA cover on here ("Voulez Vouz") is at the same time a demonstration of what too much drug use can do to your brains! What on Earth this abomination is doing on this album I still have not figured out. But since the rest of the album delivers well, plus two of my all-time favourite songs, I am willing to pretend it does not exist and look the other way on it. "Why?" is also just another decent track. Not great, but just okay.

Anyway…If you cannot tolerate ballads or really slow music, then stay away. Otherwise, this is highly recommended for metalheads who prefer the heavier end of power metal, progressive, or doom metal genres.

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