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Review: Slayer - War at the Warfield
War at the Warfield

Label: American Recordings
Year released: 2003
Duration: 150 min.

Rating: 3/5

Review online: December 5, 2004
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
War at the Warfield

Rated 3.86/5 (77.14%) (21 Votes)

After watching "Still Reigning" last night, I decided to finally watch this one (I bought it in August 2003...) Let's start with the good: 19 songs, most of them from the good Slayer years, and Slayer in very good shape - these guys really know how to put on a live show without the need for much special effects other than stage lights. I noticed however that Tom Araya wasn't always singing the old stuff the way it should be and that took away a bit of the effect of the songs, but overall it's quite OK (and it could never be as bad as what James Hetfield does with the vocals nowadays...) If one doesn't want to suffer through some of the newer material, the magic of the DVD allows skipping to the next song.

OK... The bad. "Fans rule" (one of the extras.) Oh my. Please kill me now. This has to be one of the most pathetic and sad thing ever put on film since... film was invented. There you have a bunch of Slayer fans commenting, rarely intelligently (there are a couple of exceptions), on their favourite band (that would be Slayer, in case you weren't following.) In short, it's either:

  • Completely retarded
  • Pathetic
  • Unconvincing (i.e. kids trying hard to look tough but one can't be sure whether they're trying to convince themselves or the people watching this)
  • Downright annoying
  • All of the above

I won't even get into it. Even the guy interviewing the kids isn't too bright. It's such a sorry spectacle that I felt like burning my whole metal collection and convert to pop music (at least that's meant to be retarded.) If I were Slayer, after seeing this I would have terminated the fucking band. To add insult to injury, every 2-3 songs during the concert, they felt the need to show some excerpts of that section. Let's see... It's bad enough that they interrupt the concert (I hate this on any damn DVD - just play the concert and keep the extras for the other sections, fuck!), but to force us to go through this again is a fucking crime against humanity. Argh. Other extras included the video for the song "Bloodline", and a photo gallery.

Overall, a decent show that would be better if it wasn't interrupted. The extras aren't worth it. Save your sanity and don't even go there. Want a Slayer DVD? Get "Still Reigning". A MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better show that sticks to the classic (and even the band plays better in that one), and the extra "Slayer In Their Own Words" is at least interesting to watch, unlike the junk on "War at the Warfield". This one here is for diehard Slayer fans only. Here's one that will be gathering dust on a shelf for years to come.

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