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Review: Carpathian Forest - We're Going to Hollywood For this: Live Perversions
Carpathian Forest
We're Going to Hollywood For this: Live Perversions

Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year released: 2004
Duration: 210 min.

Rating: 4.75/5

Review online: December 27, 2004
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
We're Going to Hollywood For this: Live Perversions

Rated 4.71/5 (94.29%) (7 Votes)

This is probably the most extensive DVD released by Metal Mind Productions (that I have seen, that is. ;)) 210 minutes including a 19-songs show, an 8-songs performance at Wacken 2003, 8 bonus audio tracks, a studio report during the recording of "Defending the Throne of Evil", 6 live bootlegs of surpringly good quality, the video for the song "Carpathian Forest" and quite a few other things including the usual biography, discography, photo gallery, etc... There's an interview in there that's barely worth mentioning - not a lot is said here, not only due to the very short length.

The feature show is the best I've seen so far on a Metal Mind DVD - much livelier stage lighting, a crowd that's alive for a change, and a great performance by Carpathian Forest. I was actually surprised to see these guys rocking so hard, anti-human as they are in there songs, they actually give the show attendees their money's worth. One would wish that the obese bassist would be dressed with more than some kind of diaper that doesn't hide much - pretty disgusting display at best. The "Carpathian Dancers" are two large women (one of which could most likely be your grandmother) who "dance" (for lack of a better word) topless on stage during a couple of songs. Despite the tasteless display, this is quite an enjoyable show to watch. CF's music is quite headbangable and it comes out pretty damn good in a live environment. There's another live performance, this one at Wacken 2003. For starters, it's a day performance. Guys in corpse paint look like real clowns in the sunlight, as exemplified here. Thankfully the bassist is dressed this time. They had quite a crowd watching them that day also, pretty cool for what is essentially an underground act (compared to most of the other bands at Wacken, that is...)

I won't go into too much details otherwise it'll take you less time to watch the actual DVD than to read the review. Suffice it to say that this DVD is well worth getting for anyone with at least a passive interest in Carpathian Forest. Let's hope that future releases by Metal Mind Productions will be as feature-packed as this one.

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