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Review: Rampage - Ticket to Hell/Rampage
Ticket to Hell/Rampage

Label: Independent
Year released: 2004
Duration: 7:03
Tracks: 2
Genre: Heavy Metal

Review online: February 17, 2005
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Rated 2/5 (40%) (7 Votes)

Here's an interesting twist for a change. A "web single" is essentially the Internet equivalent of a 7" vinyl - one song on each "side". This one is available for free through various Internet sources (see "Additional information" below for more information.) Personally I hope this format is not the future of music, as our very own digital kid (aka Lord Requiem) is probably the only one I know who would cream his pants over the prospect of music being distributed only through downloads. :) That said, this web single does not consist only of two songs, but also includes graphic files that you can use to print your own inserts, should you decide to burn this to CD-R (or if you simply want to read it off the screen, for that matter.)

It's been a while since I last listened to Rampage, and this release makes me realise what a mistake that was. There's only two songs here, but it's enough to get your attention. "Ticket to Hell" is just what the title implies - it's like you're slowly agonising through a doomy voyage to hell. The song is essentially slow and heavy with almost emotion-less vocals that only add to the feeling of impending doom. But hey, Rampage still found some room for some good soloing in there to get your hopes up, but you'll still end up being crushed in the end. "Rampage" is quite different - faster, more upbeat, but still with a bit of a hell-ish feel to it - this song also living up to its title. Same for the vocals, they're more alive than on "Ticket to Hell" but there's a bit of a feel of mischievousness to them that fit the music perfectly. A very superficial description of the two songs would be doomy and "rockin'", respectively. Rampage were never about a polished sound, and the tradition continues: The sound here is pretty raw and a little bit muffled, but it just feels right.

Alright, time to get all those Rampage albums I got a few years ago back in the carousel... As for you, if you don't know this band already, this web single is free, so you no longer have an excuse.

Additional Information

This web single is currently available through e-mail and BitTorrent. For up to date information on how to obtain it, please check Rampage's web site at, the select "Ticket To Hell/Rampage" under "Discography". If their site's layout has changed by the time you read this, then use your brain to locate the information there. :)

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