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Review: 3 Inches Of Blood - Advance and Vanquish
3 Inches Of Blood
Advance and Vanquish

Label: Roadrunner Records
Year released: 2004
Duration: 50:43
Tracks: 13
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: February 21, 2005
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating
Advance and Vanquish

Rated 3.9/5 (77.95%) (39 Votes)

Stop, I know exactly what you are thinking…"A metal band on Roadrunner Records? Surely you jest! There hasn't been a real metal band on that label since Metallica played metal and we all know how damn long that has been." Well maybe I shouldn't quite go to that extreme since more than a few of you reading this don't even remember the days when either Metallica played metal or Roadrunner was actually a metal label so the comparison would be moot in any case.

Despite all that, the reason for this review is make sure people don't miss this band. I only listened to it after having a friend repeatedly harp on me that I should give it a spin. With the amount of music I end up buying there are more than a few things that will be passed by but after the 100th time of hearing about how cool this band is I finally gave in and threw it in the CD player. I can honestly say I wasn't all that impressed the first time I heard it but slowly and surely it has ended up becoming a staple in my current CD rotation. I don't know how or when it happened but this album just wormed its way into my head and at this point it is one of my favorites right now. The more you listen the more you realize how damn catchy this album is. It has everything you need from the killer classic metal riffing down to the choruses that stick in your head without you even realizing it. This is just some good old fashioned headbanging metal.

There is something very odd that came to my attention after listening to this around the house. I have two kids and the youngest just turned 5 and she just came up to me one day and asked me when Elmo started singing my kind of music. Now as soon as I stopped laughing my ass off I gave it a little closer listen and damn if she didn't have a pretty good point. If you were to raise the vocals by half an octave there is definitely an Elmo resemblance (I really need to get her to start reviewing albums…lol). Well if we have Cookie Monster on vocals with some bands why not Elmo? This slight aside this is still a kick ass metal album that fans of traditional and power metal will certainly like. Highly Recommended.

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