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Classic Review: Hallows Eve - Tales Of Terror
Hallows Eve
Tales Of Terror

Label: Metal Blade Records
Year released: 1994
Duration: 28:30
Tracks: 8
Genre: Speed/Thrash


Review online: March 25, 2005
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
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Rated 4.12/5 (82.4%) (25 Votes)

"Let me bring you, tales of terror,
let me bring you, the macabre tale of Hallows Eve"

For anyone unaware of this awesome quartet, Hallows Eve are one of the oldest speed metal bands in existence. And this year, after a 10 year hiatus, they have reformed and will be releasing their fourth long player in May…and I just can't wait!

"Tales of Terror" was the debut back in 1985 and this album just keeps on crushing with one killer and inhuman speedfest after another! "Plunging To Megadeath" opens up the madness and it is more brutal and fast than the title implies. If you have heard this album (or this song in particular) you would not debate me when I say that vocalist Stacy Anderson had one of the best vocal ranges in all of metal (unfortunately he is no longer in the band). In his harsh moments, he sounds like Ironsword's Tann – only heavier and a hundred times faster. And in his high pitched screams, he could put most helium inhaling power metal vocalists to shame. Worth noting are his ground shaking growls that miraculously transform into Earth shattering shrieks, all within the same grunt/scream! And the music gets very melodic at times, so this is not some directionless growl galore. These are not exactly growls either…just very heavy and low vocals – like what you would hear on an Ironsword record, but a little more growl like. And then there are the clean vocals with the high screaming.

One major problem I have with this album however is that it is barely a half hour in length with only 8 tracks. And even amongst those 8 songs, 2 of those are instrumentals that just scrape past the minute mark. So there is not a whole lot of music on here. But the album opener and the 8 minute mammoth - "Hallows Eve" have enough minerals in them to keep you shaking your neck hours after playtime. Oh, and national driving laws do not permit one to listen to this album while driving. It is for your own safety! Trust me on that one. ;)

Additional Information

Originally released in 1985.

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