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Review: Samson - Biceps of Steel
Biceps of Steel

Label: Deadline Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 13 min.

Rating: 0.25/5

Review online: May 16, 2005
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Biceps of Steel

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Here's a crime against humanity, or maybe just against your wallet. I came across this while browsing the music DVD section at a local store. I was a bit surprised since I had not heard about it, but what the hell, that wouldn't be a first. I was with a friend and were both pretty excited at this discovery, with what seem to be a promising description at the back. The big mistake was to not read at the bottom (you know, the duration.)

Soooo… I get home, unpack it and then… Uhoh. Duration: 15 minutes. You read that right: 15 minutes. Unfortunately for me, it was already unpacked, hence unreturnable (my friend had better luck.) This DVD contains only two videos made by Samson in the early 80s, back when Bruce Dickinson was lead singer of the band. You might have run into these at some point, either on the Internet or on some metal video show. That's all you'll find in here: No menu, no extras, nothing. The two videos are played in sequence and then it's over. To add insult to injury, the total duration is not 15 minutes, but more like 12:45. The description that got us all excited was vague enough to make us believe there was actual live material on this, but is still accurate considering the videos were shot at the venue indicated in the back. Nice marketing job, you cocks.

This is an absolute waste, releasing a nearly empty DVD in a full case. The only reason this doesn't get a "0" rating is that, well, it's Samson, so the songs are cool. But I must give a big "fuck you" to the money-grabbing label that released such a worthless DVD. Don't blame the band: Here's what is stated on Samson's web site: "Biceps of Steel" is out on DVD. I cant see any reason to recommend it. It has been issued with no consultation with any members of Samson, and the packaging bears no relevance to the content. So there you go, another label releasing stuff without a band's approval (I don't see how any band would possibly agree to such a release anyway!) Unless you are a Samson addict and absolutely want those videos on DVD, there is no reason whatsoever to buy this shit. Believe me that in the future the duration will be the first thing I check when buying a DVD. And one label to boycott. Die! (I think they already have…)

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