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Review: Velvet Cacoon - Northsuite
Velvet Cacoon

Label: Ivory Snowfish Music
Year released: 2005
Duration: 61:46
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black Metal


Review online: June 16, 2005
Reviewed by: Ktb
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Rated 2.86/5 (57.14%) (7 Votes)

It's a good thing this was recorded in 2002, because this doesn't sound like 'Genevieve' at all. In fact, this is the Chapelflames (Red Steeples) album with the 'Music For Falling Buildings' demo, a demo which had leaked on the Internet long ago. The hypnotic elements that made Genevieve so great aren't there, and that's sad, because that means this is just subpar and unoriginal Black Metal. The riffs are worse than on 'Dextronaut', which was an average album. The 'ambient' track, Northsuite, is an 11 minute song, which consists of..1 note. Yup, it's true. You can put this track at any given minute in the song and it'll be the exact same fucking thing. That's too bad, because their ambient moments used to be great. Every song on here - the shortest being 4:45 - and the longest being 9:16 (without counting the 1-note song, Northsuite) - are all the same. I mean the riffs are a bit different in every song, but everything sounds the same. The drum beats have no fills. They're just simple beats with crashes at any given time. I'll admit it right now though - Dieselflame Novapyre 1982 (from the 'Music For Falling Buildings' demo) made me laugh. The vocals are just so fucking hilarious. I usually like high-pitched vocals, but these ones sound like the vocalist is vomitting on the microphone. However, the riffs in that song were good, and the atmosphere in the middle of the song with a speech is pretty interesting. Overall, though, this is shit that I probably won't listen to ever again. I would only recommend it to those who want to own every single thing VC's ever done, or those who want to buy it and think it'll be worth more than 2 cents in 20 years. Let's hope their next album will be better, and let's also hope they won't be re-releasing any older boring shit.

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