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Review: Dissimulation - Prakeikimas

Label: Ledo Takas Records
Year released: 2005
Duration: 41:06
Tracks: 6
Genre: Black/Thrash

Rating: 3.75/5

Review online: June 22, 2005
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating

Rated 3.6/5 (72%) (5 Votes)

I first thought this was a Black Metal band, but it turns out this is actually thrash with some, very discreet blackened elements - in fact not enough to spend much time on that. Dissimulation blend old school thrash with the cleaner thrash sound of today - essentially meaning it's not as cool as the old school stuff, but also not as sterile as newer thrash either.

The album kicks off on an intro that's not without reminding of the music is epic movies that take place in ancient times - think of biblical movies such as The Ten Commandments or Ben Hur, for instance - you get the idea. Pretty cool intro, but at about two minutes it's a bit too long for its own good, and doesn't really add anything to the album, nor does it fit the album much, for that matter. It's good the first few times you hear it, but with time you feel the need to skip it (it's on the same CD track as the first song, so the skip track button is not an option.) Anyway, things get more interesting afterwards as the album kicks into a mid to fast-paced mildly-blackened thrash attack with vocals that are more associated with Black Metal than thrash, although there's a bit of variation of style throughout the album and sometimes the vocals turn into a style more often associated with such bands as Desaster, for example. The lyrics are sung in their native language (Lithuanian), so for most people outside their country, I guess it won't matter too much whether the singing is clean or not. :) The first song has some annoying vocal passages toward the end. I'm not sure if those are female backing vocals or what, but it's a painful moment to go through.

The music itself, as mentionned earlier, is a cross between older and newer thrash. There are slight hints of old (old) Megadeth here and there, both in the guitars and drums, along with some MoP/RTL-era Metallica (some of the fast, clean intro riffs on a couple of tracks) - that's probably what struck me the most while listening to this. If you can't stand that era, don't worry, it's not like they've cloned Metallica or anything. There are some hints of early Darkthrone in there as well, such as in "Ju Septynetas". While the music is quite heavy by nature, I can't help but feel the production could have been better and given it an even heavier sound - there comes the more modern sterile influence, definitely not suited for thrash. Thankfully it's not too bad. I just think this album would have benefitted from an heavier and rawer sound which would have been a great complement to the otherwise crushing, hateful feel of the music.

This is a good album. It doesn't break any new grounds (boy do I ever say that a lot), but despite some small shortcomings, it is an enjoyable album to listen to, and in the end that's what really matters. Recommended for thrash fans who don't mind black-ish vocals.

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